Who is good at social media / email / events?

My idea is to host three summits a year: plot, style, and “marketing.”

The Plot Summit will return in October.

But I’m planning a new event for July. It’s called “Find Your Next Reader.”

It’s not a book marketing summit. Rather, it’s about connecting with a reader today, wherever you are in your writing / publishing journey. This summit is all about making contact with the outside world as part of your writing practice & about sharing the process with an audience.

This could be about building a mailing list or starting a Youtube channel. It could also be about hosting a small local event, entering writing contests, submitting work to magazines…

I already have a starting range of speakers, but I would LOVE to hear your recommendations.

Who would you like to hear from?

What writers are good at newsletters? Youtube? Social media?

What writing companies / brands email you a lot and seem to be big on building a community?

More importantly, perhaps: what would you like to learn from such an event?


Emily Sorensen’s newsletter


Two writers who are good at Facebook:

Author/editor Natalia Leigh has a great YouTube channel. Her website is www.natalialeigh.com

As for twitter, it seems like every author is on there.

Jenny Milchman writes great newsletters. People like mine as well.

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Ilona Andrews! I love all of their blog updates and eagerly await their newsletter. They also have a FB group for fans they occasionally engage on.

Jay Kristoff has an awesome social media presence and does tons of giveaways and charity events for his arcs.

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I receive emails from Louise Penny, a Canadian author. I’m also on Facebook with Cleo Coyle. She does the Haunted Bookshop Mysteries and Coffeehouse Mysteries.

I have a few I follow religiously:

Laura Anne Gillman

Megan Lindholm/Robin Hobb

Dennis McKiernan’s Mithgar on FB, tho he’s quieter these days (at almost 90).

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Joanna Penn… Whether it’s non-fiction or fiction, she’s a total pro… And has one of the most positive, upbeat and genuine personalities I have come across in the writing community in 10+ years.

She’s the real deal. :wink:

Following are a list of her websites:

The Creative Penn
Books And Travel


J.F. Penn

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Leslie Budewitz. She writes Cozy Mysteries and Suspense. She posts well and has a unique perspective on woman in fiction.

I enjoy Derek Doepker of BestSellerSecrets.com. His emails are personal, personable, and I always read some or all of them. I have taken a couple of his classes/challenges and they have useful info, are well organized, and to the point. Lastly, he provides great support and always answers my emails to him.
Julie Tyler and Alessandra Torre also have great writer support.


May not be what you are looking for. They are probably little known in the states. They are making their mark here in Aus. tho’.



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Somewhere I read that Gail Carriger’s newsletter, Miss Carriger’s Chirrup, was one to emulate, so I signed up. They’re good…


Nick Stephenson
Mark Dawson
Joanna Penn


I highly recommend Jenn Hanson-dePaula at Mixtus Media. She teaches authors how to engage with readers via social media, growing their audience, even as early as before they have a book finished to market: How Authors Can Grow An Engaged Audience on Instagram

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Neal Shafer, Chris Fox.

I enjoy Harry’s newsletters, from Jericho Writers. (He doesn’t sign off with his last name.) They’re informative and written with a distinctive dry humour. I always read the PPS’s, even if I skim over the body of the email. Sandra Beckwith is businesslike, and often includes interesting links related to marketing. Substack has contributors who have found a niche and fill it well with free content (James Cary, Dearest).
It seems to me the most active social media and newsletter-writing authors are either in coaching or genre fiction (romance, crime, thrillers). I’m wondering if there are authors up the more literary end of the spectrum communicating through newsletters?

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Allessandar Torre has valuable thoughts on using Goodreads.


I’ll plus-one some of the suggestions above:
Derek Murphy
Dave Gaughran
Derek Doepker
Joanna Penn
Nick Stephenson

and add a few:

Steven Pressfield
Alexa Bigwarfe
Sue Campbell/Anne Hawlt/Rachelle Ramirez - Pages and Platforms/storypath.me
David Wogahn
Kistina Stanley - Fictionary
ProWritingAid team
Rob Eager

Alexa Donne is great with YouTube and social media.

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