My next event: Writing Style and Voice

Dear writers,

Can I get your feedback?

Would you attend this event?

It’s going to be two days, 4 sessions each.

Day one will be on writing style, with technical lessons and talks about how to improve your sentence-craft, rhythm, description, dialogue.

Day two will be on your voice (or voices): developing your way of speaking on the page, getting more authentic, inhabiting different perspectives…

The summit will be free to attend with an all-access-pass upgrade, just like my previous event. If you’ve downloaded my sentences guide or bought my writing style course, you have an idea of the focus.

What lessons would you like this event to include? Any speakers you would like to see? Does the banner image above work for you?

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This sounds fantastic. I would definitely attend this event. After the past few months of stress and family crisis, I would welcome the inspiration and instruction to help me find my way back into my writing.


I’m definitely interested in anything that isn’t the same old broad writing craft topics so this looks promising.

The banner looks attractive. The only thing I’d probably change if possible is maybe the color or weight of: ONLINE SUMMIT MARCH 2021

Or leave it the same and change the color or weight of: TAKE YOUR WRITING TO THE NEXT LEVEL & DISCOVER YOUR TRUE VOICE.

In other words, I think those two elements should be different from one another so the What & When info stands out a little more from the subtitle/blurb.

I like the overall style of the graphic though I find the heart shaped shadow over the woman’s breast a little odd. It gives the out of place suggestion of a strapless dress concept over her shirt to me. Probably too late to change that and I doubt many people will notice if I hadn’t made mention.

I have the Writing Voice course but haven’t gone through it yet. I’ll move it up the priority list in preparation for the summit and to give me a basis to be able to offer suggestions in response to your question about lessons and speakers.


I would definitely attend!

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Depends on my finances, right now that’s all up in the air.


It sounds interesting. I would probably attend.I


This sounds amazing. Dialogue is something that I struggle with and establishing a consistent writing style.

The banner looks great, really attention grabbing format that has all the info in an easy to follow flow and a gorgeous design and font.


I would attend this event.

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Sounds very interesting and different (in a good way) from other standard writing craft sessions. I’d probably attend, but would depend on whether sessions will be recorded for later consumption (as I’m out of US time zones) and, to a lesser extent, I’d like to know the dates.

I like the banner image, but think the actual dates, rather than simply “March 2021”, would add to the overall image. I also agree with @Argent that the “Online Summit March 2021” needs to stand out more, but otherwise I like it.



I’d love to see meditation sessions to open and close each day, or the summit as a whole.

Damon Suede would be a terrific speaker on voice.

I’d also love to see a more playful theme. Like FIND YOUR VOICE, and the woman’s a mermaid sitting at her laptop.

Y’all! I can’t wait!

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Where do I sign up? :grinning:

Tweak the line wrapping for the tagline and date and the banner is good to go.


Yeah this is the same family of graphics – in a different style – that I used for my plot summit:

I will see what I can adjust…

This was another version I created:

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I like the other one better. In my opinion this one is way too busy with the graphics and something about the woman pictured feels less relaxed than the first one you shared. The first woman is clearly multitasking with the book and the laptop and the coffee but she just looks so open and relaxed about it. The woman on the stool just looks too intense despite her business casual attire and sneakers. She gives me the impression of a woman in the waiting room of an auto repair center who is so busy she has to try to fit in work even while away on an errand. A relaxed atmosphere summit feels better than a harried atmosphere summit.

In both banners, I feel like the text wrapping on the blurb is too tight/narrow and the What and When info (Online Summit March 2021) would be improved, I feel, if more differentiated, as I mentioned earlier. Just thinking of that from the perspective of the banner serving also as an infographic.


I agree with @Argent that the second graphic feels too busy/cluttered. The first graphic is more relaxed and confident. Maybe if you either enlarged or bolded the typeface on the first banner, and changed the color of the letters from black to dark blue?


As Kas says, those of us outside of the time zone are dependent on replays being available. But the topics sound great! Given the replay option, I will be there.
As for the graphic - I like the expression on the face of Woman#1 much, much better than Woman#2 - a ‘Hey, this is fun’ expression.

This sounds awesome, but I can only attend during the evenings. Virtual teaching 12 year olds cannot be pushed aside unfortunately. I am still getting through the first summit recordings!


Updated version
Dates will be added when locked down, but I’m thinking about the weekend of March 12th…


Looks great!

I personally preferred the lavender title text, though.

This new byline is better, in my opinion. ‘True’ voice and ‘Writing’ voice are different things, after all. If I understand the concept well enough, voice can and should change to suit the individual writing. So ‘true voice’ was actually not necessarily a goal for the summit for all writers. I am torn on whether I like ‘Unlock the style secrets of great writers’ more than ‘Take your writing to the next level’. I think the second one appeals slightly more to me because of my gaming. Unlocking secrets usually feels more like marketing pitch language, I think. Hard to say which has more general appeal.

I would love this, but I am away the weekend of the 12th March. If I could access the sessions during the following week I would enrol.

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