Would you be one of the "Founding 100"?

Note: 72 seats left now :slight_smile:

Okay. The plotting summit is looking GREAT.

Thank you to everyone who suggested speakers or topics.

We have about twenty speakers. We’ll hear from authors who write romance, literary fiction, crime, middle grade, fantasy… Brian Berni will wrap up the event with advice on reaching readers for your book.

Plus I’ll host a happy hour and three short writing lessons during the event.

Additionally, several writing-related companies have contributed a giveaway to our prize draw. Currently we have offers / discounts from the makers of Things 3, Ulysses, Affinity desktop publishing, Drafts, Writing Whatever (a sentence-construction course), and Jessica Brody (author of Save the Cat Writes a Novel).

(Basically I write to a brand every day, ask them to sponsor with a discount or free license code, and most reply positively.)

Once October begins, the speakers and I will start marketing seriously. We collectively have lot of email subscribers (10 - 20k) and a hell of a lot of Youtube followers (over 750k??).

However, I would like to do a few things before that.

I would like to outsource some tasks and hire a VA to handle email support during the event (Brian B has been telling me how overwhelmed he is responding to hundreds of messages).

And — more importantly — I would like to show additional sponsors that the event is a hit and that people are registering. The more free stuff I can find for you, the attendees, the happier I will be.

So here is my idea. I would like to invite you — the participants of this wonderful community — to be one of the “founding” members of the summit.

What does that mean?

Well, it means that you would buy a “Plot Pass” for the event.

Right now, we’re still in early bird mode, so the Plot Pass is only $67 for most people.

I’ve created a coupon link that reduces the price, just for you, to $37.

I’ve limited this coupon to 100 people. I’m hoping to fill up the “Founding 100” this month.

If you buy the pass, and I really hope you will, you’ll get:

  • life-time access to the sessions.
  • audio download of the talks like a podcast.
  • transcripts.
  • an invite to the post-summit “watch party” — where we watch a few of the talks as a group and share notes in a webinar room.
  • a free month’s access to Jessica Brody’s writing courses.
  • all the bonus content and follow up videos created by the speakers.
  • a masterclass on sentence construction by the prose guru Don Stewart.

And all the other bonuses I add as we go forwards.


When I do the next plot summit (might be next year, might be the summer), as one of the Founding 100, you will get the same discount on that event’s “Plot Pass.”

And I’ll create a page, on this summit (Oct 2020), thanking all 100 members of the “Founding 100” by name.


I hope that sounds appealing.

If you are interested, get one of the “Founding 100” seats with this secret link: https://forest.plotsummit.com/checkout/select-tickets/?coupon=founder

It would be fantastic to fill up those 100 seats quickly so I can make this event even better.

Let me know what you think.

PS If you want to see the rough draft of the speaker schedule, go here:

And if you want to learn more about the plot pass, go here: https://forest.plotsummit.com/get-the-plot-pass/

But when you’re ready to actually join the “100,” use the actual coupon link: https://forest.plotsummit.com/checkout/select-tickets/?coupon=founder

I will be really grateful.




PS If you know that, for whatever reason, it’s not feasible for you to pay the $37, please register now for the free access, here, because that will help me market the event to sponsors: https://forest.plotsummit.com/checkout/select-tickets/


I would like to outsource some tasks and hire a VA to handle email support during the event

What are some of the other tasks you are looking to outsource?

Yay! I’ve bought my seat for the summit. That was exciting in itself. I need a lie down.

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I’m very grateful, thank you. + all feedback appreciated.

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Wow! I signed up and love the bonuses you set up! I’ve wanted to take classes from Jessica Brody for a long time, and also the class on sentence writing, so this is fabulous (and that’s not even the summit). Great job!

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Recording the sentence writing session was a magical experience for me. I can’t wait to share it with you.


I’m not 100% sure yet. There are a lot of tasks I can do myself, but which, as the event grows, make less and less sense for me to be attempting to do well.

My first thoughts are:

  • Social media asset making / sharing.
  • A copywriter to review the summit pages.
  • More email outreach to brands.
  • Help organising all the speakers.
  • Video editing for the pre-recorded sessions.

Thank you, Danielw.
Post must be at least twenty characters? I thought the brevity of my gratitude was most profound.


No minimalism here, please.

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Damn . . . . . . . . now, I see why. The ol’ incomplete sentence buffer, eh boss?

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I signed up! Looking forward to it!

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Sorry if I’m asking something that’s been mentioned but WHEN in October is the summit? Is it the whole month?

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Oct 22nd - 25th! Four days of plot advice :slight_smile:

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I’m officially in! I probably will not be able to attend the live sessions, but the lifetime access to the sessions is AMAZING. Thank you for the invitation to this exciting event!

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PS A really exciting author will deliver a talk all about battle scenes…


Thank you, Sara. I will work very hard to make it a great event!

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I listened to a podcast interview with Aiki Flinthart recently on Mark Dawson’s Self-Publishing Show. The title theme of the interview is correctly portraying women in fight scenes but she gives some valuable tips on writing them in general, too. Many readers skip over fight scenes if it is too much description about the action and not much about what the character is experiencing as a result. It appears that she also interviewed with Joanna Penn a few months ago. I’ll include both links and plan to watch the older interview to see if there is more information.

I don’t mean this overshadow to Daniel’s announcement. I just think it is good supplemental information on the subject that I came across recently if this is a topic you’re interested in.

Here are the links:

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I just wanted to say this if it wasn’t already clear: THANK YOU to everyone who has registered, whether it’s for the Founding 100 thing or a free registration.

I’m so grateful, and I’m happy to see your name pop up in the summit software, and I’m eager to deliver a great event for you.

28 seats of the Founding 100 have already gone. I’m very happy.


PS The indie writer sensation, Derek Murphy, is going to present a talk on “Intrigue” — which I’m really excited for.


this is a very cool resource, thank you!