Small town writers

Hi! I am new here and found this community through the Find Your Readers summit which was both informative and interesting. I am from small town northern Canada. A very small writing community and few resources. Can anyone relate?


I also was at the summit. I live in what feels like a small town (Hereford) surrounded by farms and cows and horses. But i am 20 minutes from downtown Baltimore! The best of both worlds.
Anyway, with the miracle of cyberspace we can connect.
So feel free to contact me.


Welcome, welcome!

@Suri, so glad you and @Joyful found us! Welcome, welcome.

Yes, I live in a very small mountain town at the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains in Northern California (just north of Yosemite). For all of it’s tranquil beauty and majestic views there is very little in the way of literary society to engage in, I feel your pain.

Honestly if I had not stumbled across Daniel’s classes and summits I don’t think I would be involved in any writing community,not for lack of trying. As you say, it’s all about the resources.

I agree with @Joyful, through the power of the internet portal, we may connect in cyber space. Feel free to reach out and connect with me, that goes for all y’all. I’m an open book (no pun intended)


I live in a rural area and can relate to having few, if any, in-person resources prior to closures and social distancing the pandemic exacerbated.

My local library has reopened indoors for borrowing/returning books - no one is allowed to gather, socialize, write together, etc.


Hey Suri!


I’m from South Africa, but now I live in a smallish city called Yuanlin in the centre of Taiwan.

Even though it isn’t a small rural town, there are no English writing communities here. So I can relate.

I tried joining a book club 10 years ago (we met three times), but with the transient nature of Foreign English Teachers, we couldn’t keep it going.

After joining the 365 Writing Community on Facebook and this DDW community home, as well as the arrival of COVID in Taiwan this year, I felt brave enough to join a group of writers on Slack, a weekly PUSH group, and even do some zoom write-ins.

I find my motivation to write skyrockets up into the stratosphere when in the presence of other writers who are actually writing.

This community is fantastically supportive of all writers, no matter where you are on your journey of words.


Hi Suri! Welcome to the community.

I live and teach in a small town. We are on well water and don’t have lines on the paved roads… pavement is an upgrade!

I used to have a small writers group and we met once a month, but it has shriveled down to only two of us.
Since then, I have been following Daniel’s summits, classes, and groups for about three years. Daniel himself is a wonderful resource because he is constantly reaching out and developing new approaches to writing that excite me… His resources have wonderful accessibility and provide character first instruction in language that is easy to follow.

Good luck on your writing quest!


Hi Suri
Each summer while growing up, we spent two months in the wilderness of NW Ontario. Right now I’m thinking of writing a new series based on a small community like that one. Where are you?


Hi Suri–for a different perspective–I live in Las Vegas NV (no small town) but with the pandemic and the fairly recent demise (Las Vegas Romance Writers) of my local writing group, town size or location is not necessarily a determinant of resources. In the pandemic, I’ve found online groups to be a new favorite way for me to connect with other writers. I love Daniel’s summits and classes. In my opinion they bring a tremendous amount of value to my writing life. If you are on Facebook a nice group to check out is Writers Helping Writers. Best wishes in your writing journey!


Hi Suri!

I live in a tiny village near the Snowy Mountains in Australia and around 10kilometers north of the Victorian border. There are no writers’ groups here, and when I need to do historical research, it is usually online. But if my research involves the House of Lords sessions in the first decade of the 1800s, I take off for Canberra because our Australian National Library has the complete set of House of Lords Journals (sitting records) from the early 1700s through to the late 1800s in their basement archives and I get to spend my days down there researching to my heart’s content. For all other writing resources, I have used the internet to find and purchase writing craft books and now have a very extensive resource library!


Semi-rural market town in Devon, SW England (now with no market), within sight of Dartmoor.

Everywhere down here feels like a small village. Even the towns. I coach in the rural schools hereabouts for a sports charity, exciting driving down single-track lanes with tractors coming at you and no turning or passing places.

Oddly enough I don’t miss the big cities I used to live in.

Love Daniel’s Happy Hours during the summits when we’re all part of a global village. Unfortunately our crummy copper Internet connection serves video conferencing badly; 12MB down, about 140KB up! Come the Autumn, we’re going 4G - should be in time for the next event.


Hi Suri,
I can relate though not in as remote a location as yours. So are you looking to increase your online Connections and resources, or something else?

I like the idea of a regular word count sprints group as mentioned above. Miss them from my NaNoWriMo days.

Even happy to volunteer as an unofficial DDW clock watcher if anyone is interested in that kind of activity.


Wow, you have been very determined to find a community! Im glad you found one that fits!

Hi! I am looking for resources, critique partners and encouragement!


I’ve always wondered how people cope with those one lane roads!

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Our library opened back up too, very exciting! However, with all the mask wearing, arrows on the floor and people terrified to get too close, it sure isn’t the library experience we were used to!


“I find my motivation to write skyrockets up into the stratosphere when in the presence of other writers who are actually writing.”

This is pure gold.
Thank you for sharing your journey.

After your experience what do you think would make for a great book club?

Hi! I’m sorry I only just saw this! We live in Timmins.

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I’ve not been there but I do know the Canadian shield country - grew up with all my summers north of Kenora on the Winnipeg River. I’m missing it with no travel these past two summers!

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This sounds very interesting. Let me check into how we could make something like this happen and check back with you.

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Hello Tannis. Side note here, I’m enjoying the late summer unplug and curl up with a good paperback. my summer read is staring your Madeleine Brooks Mysteries, series (I learned about them through your review of The Character First approach please let us know when you have book signings, I would love to bring my whole stack for your autograph) Very pleasurable reads. Good job!