Small town writers

I would like to ask for any suggestions that can help @suri

Anyone here may post their writing for respectful critique, we would love to see what you have to share.

Feel free to make posts asking for/sharing your own resources and encouragement.

There is a wealth of resources in each other. I am happy to track down what is not readily on hand, so don’t be shy, put it out there.

Hi DeAnna,
Wouldn’t I love to have a book signing! However, the reality is that the Madeleine Brooks Mystery series is ebook only and, currently, I am in lockdown in northern New Zealand (because our little country is in the midst of our first Delta outbreak). Fingers crossed the measures taken will do the trick.

But having no social stuff other than online, lockdown is great for being head-down doing writing things (I have a list of 7 ongoing tasks that I cycle through such as writing my latest, planning the next, marketing the list, reworking another which has just had an editorial assessment etc.). Plus 2 walks a day, rain or shine! It’s lovely being on an empty beach…

I do hope you enjoy the books! They are great fun to write.

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@tannislaidlaw Don’t laugh, I have them in my kindle, but have been known to print entire books out. My husband laughs at me til he sees a receipt for $180 in printer ink. I miss the paper I can carry with me :joy:

Love it, DeAnna! (Ahem, I have been known to do the same thing…)

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Hello Sara. I’m Matt, but you may also call me Maddie. I live in a very small rural town in Florida. Not much interaction with other writers, so I’m always glad to connect with others online. Glad to connect with you. Best of luck with your writing adventures :slight_smile:



It is lovely to see you. What rural area are you in?


Great to see you. Do you feel that “it has shriveled down to only two of us” was somehow serendipitous?

I have found that large groups have lots of great energy, however, the more petite the group the more connection is easily made.

Opportunities to zero in on what another is saying or presenting is easier or not so much?

@DeAnna To some extent, the two of us know exactly how the other writes and is very involved it our WIPs. This is great for brainstorming and revisions, yet sometimes it is a little frustrating when there is disagreement. However, it’s a little like a marriage. We are together because we love it and support each other, but it definitely requires patience and commitment on both sides.

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I live in northeast Tennessee, in a county with a population of approximately 10,000 people. I had 1000 in my suburban high school graduating class in central New York state. While there are perks of an idyllic country life, the reality of the economically depressed spot I landed in (not my choice, long story) is far from that. I am minutes away from the Appalachian Trail, and borders of both Virginia and North Carolina.

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This is such a great thread! It is amazing to see how writing, a generally solitary endevor has brought so many from so far, together.

Just to mention a few…

Our group is so much larger than this. It feels so good to be part of something global and yet, so personal as writing is.

Wouldn’t you agree?