New to the Community

Hi, just popping in to say Hi! Looking forward to keeping in touch and sharing ideas with you all.


Hi! I’m brand new here - how has it been here for you?

Hi Alison a newbie here too … I live in France, under mountains, and I’m about to sign up for the Plot course, will you be doing that too? You did so well to get that draft together.
What’s it about? I’m putting together a mystery detective thing -a-mi-gig that is philosophical and engaged with spiritual dimensions. I’m at …“the organising character arcs” and “scene development” stages. hapy editing :sunny:

Hi Kim, I’m new here too. It seems there are some new people, me included, who have arrived here quite recently. Im in the early stages of outlining my manuscript, … it needs shaping a lot! … what are you working on I wonder?

Hi Majena, lovely for you to reach out. I’m very new to this writing business! Lol I’m currently working on my first crime fiction novel and I’m about two-thirds of the way through. I also love character driven stories and writing dialogue. I don’t write as often as I should, mostly due to traveling, but once I’m settled I plan to dedicate more time to finishing my novel, and to start on a sequel. If I visited a food truck it would probably be Thai food! :smile:

Hi Majena!
Yes, I am taking the Plot course and also signed up for the Writing Great Chapters course and Reading with Daniel - I have taken the plunge! My novel’s working title is Crush and its about a middle aged psychologist who is maybe in a bit of a mid-life crisis, has a terrible crush on a client, goes off the rails a bit, and adventures ensue.

I love philosophical and spiritual elements and have some spiritual stuff in my book as well; we could compare notes sometime!