My introduction

Hi all, I’m new here. I just finished Daniel’s short writing course and found it really interesting and helpful. I’m in the process of outlining, and mapping character-based scenes for the current novel I’m working on and am considering signing up for the paid course, to help me out. I am drawn to character-first approaches because I have a strong interest in voice and women’s voices in particular. I’m interested in monologues and testimonies (non-religious) utterances, slurs, sighs and general (and not so general) unsound sounds in language. I am interested in what can be said in language and what can not.

If I was faced with a larily painted and twinkling solid-to-goodness, sweet-smelling, music-tinking food truck, just pulling into these here dark hills … I would order a creamy dairy whip ice cream dipped in a thin layer of melted choc. And then I would order another one.

My best time to write is MOST of the time. ha!

I look forward to getting to know some of you and contributing to the conversations. Merci Majena


Welcome! Your choice of tasty food truck fare sounds good to me. Looking forward to your posts. Always feel free to ask on the site if you have questions, particularly regarding Daniel’s courses. Happy writing.


You are among kindred spirits here and could never go wrong following Daniel as your guide through character first and simply writing.

Make sure you check his early bird specials and attend the summits. You will be rejuvenated on your wordsmithong journey armed with some serious new resources and a wider understanding of what character first and the extended writing community has to offer you in your craft.

We’re so happy to have you. Thank you for joining the community.

Thanks Kristine, I will, merci, I’m very interested in what others are writing/working on, I’ll search the chats to find out more today. But what are you up to? I’m writing a psychological detective story (I think) ha! I’m at the stage of having done lots of writing but with no real structure so I used Daniel’s first course to realize its helpful to focus on character first and am drawing up an outline for character arcs etc etc … I’m having a lot of fun, and will prob sign up to his paid course next week.

Hi DeAnna, thank you for your welcome. When you say early bird specials and summits what does that mean? Will that become obvious once i join up? Planning to do that next week. Its so nice to feel Im among kindred spirits … writing is a funny sort of half life. I love it but its on an odd plane. :upside_down_face: All the best to you Jena