For Fantasy Writers! Feb 22-26, 2021

Fantasy Writers (current and aspiring like me), mark your February calendar for this:


If interested, reply to Brian Berni’s email in your inbox if you’re on his list or email him at to let him know you’re interested. He’ll send you a link. (Disclaimer: It is an affiliate link that benefits him if you upgrade from the free ticket. He’s part of this community and it costs you nothing extra.)


Thanks for the info Argent


Thank you for sharing!


Thanks for the info. :blush:

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Now that some time has passed (Summit is still over a week away), if you are still interested in this but are not a fan of affiliate links or didn’t really want to take the extra step to email Brian, here is the direct link:

ProWritingAid Presents: Fantasy Writer’s Week

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Lisa at ProWritingAid asked me to share this with you all, and it does look good. Feel free to use Brian’s affiliate link or @Argent 's direct one.

I’m just sharing old school / “casually…”

(This is not a moral stance by me – I was just too busy to get organised for this event!)

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There’s no plot pass structure to this summit as far as I can tell. If you are already a Premium level ProWriting Aid member/subscriber (or purchase/upgrade during the summit), you will get access to the additional sessions on the 26th. The rest of the week is free for everyone.