Writing Prompt, The Recurring Dream

There is something mystifying about recurring dreams.

For starters, we remember them enough to know we have dreamt them before.
After the first few instances, there can be a sense of foreboding that we will inevitably dream them again.

Perhaps the content is of an unsettling nature. Leaving one wondering, “What does it all mean?” A harbinger of news from the great beyond?
Is it a gift of informed premonition or a serious warning? Perhaps residual memories from a past life making themselves known? The possibilities are endless.

On that note, let us venture down the writing prompt path of the recurring dream.

Below are some different suggestions to get you started, but feel free to invent your own.

If you feel up to it, Please do share with us some of your writing with this.

. In a few paragraphs, write about your own recurring dream. Write as much as you can about the feelings and sensations you experience with this dream. The cherry on top would be any insight into what you believe it means.

.Your main character has a recurring dream, it foreshadows a secret they have been keeping their whole life. Recently the dream has kicked up a notch and has taken some new turns in events that are fresh to the dream’s usually predictable sequence. The dream has also increased in frequency. Its meaning can no longer be ignored. Write how your character is coping, turns to for help, and the new content of the formerly familiar dream.

.Several characters share a recurring dream. it singles them out as a unique group or hints at other shared experiences. What is the dream? Why them? How does it make them stand apart from all others (positive or negative)? Is the dream something others wish to have, like a special power or fear to contract, like a disease?

.The dream isn’t a dream at all. Write how this realization has come about. What is it really?

.Everyone has a recurring dream, it marks one’s future in a positive way. Their career path, or a coming of age supernatural gift, or their future partner of some kind …everyone except your character. Why? The repercussions. Is this special and good or bad? Who knows about this, everyone or no one? Is the knowledge of your character’s uniqueness a safety issue for them? Are they sought out or shunned? Is your character really the only one devoid of a dream?

(or write the next couple paragraphs below)

.She had been awake for hours now, but could still feel the chill of the sharp cold winds that had ripped through her. The sensation of terror as she fell always left her stomach feeling like a bowl of soup sloshing around on the deck of a ship in rough waters.
She held herself, sweater pulled tight arms across her body. Shivering she starring across the horizon, but looked for introspection.

She knew in the dream, THAT dream. she wasn’t actually falling. She did know this, but still, it always felt so real. The roar of wind in her ears, the biting cold, the cloudy fog blocking her vision, and the hard snap of her senses jolting her awake seconds from impact, gasping as her lungs burned. It was always the same, until now…

*Let me know how this writing prompt layout worked out for you?

Was there enough variety on the subject?

Would you like more like this or do you prefer another style?


I actually have a recurring dream involving a fictional character I consider an old friend (the only fictional character I’ve ever dreamed about). It comes around every 6-8 months. In every occurrence he and I know each other, but though he always looks me in the face, he never speaks. It’s okay though. It’s enough that he recognizes me. :stars:

My MC in the novel I’m querying right now has a recurring setting in his dreams. Each dream picks up just after the previous one, and he has them until just before the end of the book. The dreams are a manifestation of how the main secondary character had affected him mixed with the content of the book he’s been reading.

Ooohhh, juicy plot twists!

How endearing…that’s so profound and beautiful.

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