Writing IS Art!

In the article, Henry James and The Art of Fiction
by Nasrullah Mambrol asserts that:

“The novel has struggled to be taken seriously as an art form.”

I couldn’t agree more! Writing fiction, like giving birth, creates new life (with in it’s pages). Art is the embodiment of creation.

"The very title of James’s essay begins his campaign on its behalf: ‘art’ and ‘fiction’, often seen at odds with each other, are placed side by side here.

James begins by referring to ‘the mystery of story-telling’, and it is worth reminding ourselves that the word ‘mystery’ originally referred to the secrets of a particular trade, or craft, and that ‘art’ was generally applied in mediaeval times and beyond to practical skills.

James’s perspective in this essay is very much that of the producer, of the novelist, and he wants to retrieve this older, practical sense of ‘art’, together with the meaning that developed in the Romantic period (in literature, from around the 1780s through to the 1830s).

In that period, artists were regarded as creative geniuses involved in the production of beautiful artefacts."

I love this last sentence so much it makes me swoon (and inspires me with pen in hand, to write on!)

If you would like to read more check out the full article here,

What do you think about writing fiction as art?

If your writing was compared to a famous painter, who would you be? Picasso? Waterhouse? Rembrandt? Monet? Da Vinci?

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