Writing Doesn't Have to be such a Solitary Experience

I am looking to create a “coven” of writers - that is probably a small online group or a gathering place to exchange reviews and to support each other’s endeavors. Something like the Bohemian painters of Paris, or the characters of the TV Show Friends - a vibrant and dedicated community. It could be a Slack group or a FB chat. Please, contact me if you think like this as well.

Sounds great. I may have difficulty with timings though as I’m in Gibraltar (not USA’s Gibraltar).

Hi LadyF, I’m an Australian writer feeling new motivation from Daniel’s course and several recent writing summits. I’m on a week of annual leave coming up where I’m going to be pouring myself into my novel to see where we go and would love to be part of a gathering place with like-minded writers.

It sounds like a great idea. I would love to connect with other writers, I definitely need some support.

I would love to involved. I’m from the UK so hopefully time zone won’t be an issue.

Does everyone have a discord account. We could set up a chat?

Hello, LadyF,

I’ve been hoping to connect with a group of writers like the one you have described. It sounds fabulous. As I am a new member in this community and it is now January of 2024, I wonder if you have established your group yet, how it is going, and if your group has space for one more?