Who Wants to Win?

Let’s try something fun today!

Please do let me know what you think.
(This is all me coming up with zany ideas so let me know if you do or don’t care for the game that is afoot)

Who wants to win a gift card for Amazon?

Starbucks gift card?

Or a pre-paid early bird access pass to the next summit?

Or a beautiful pen and pencil set?

Personalized coffee mug, T-shirt?
(Quote, name or book title of your choosing)

Anyone curious yet?

Well, I woke up today inspired!

I would love to hear from folks the kind of prizes they would like to win, because the writing excercise contest is about to begin!

In essence I will be suggesting a topic for a short story with a 300 to 500 word limit. With a week long window to submit.

Anyone participating is entered raffle style to win prizes!

That’s right, WINNING the prizes are raffle style, (not based upon the body of writing) enter as many stories as you like on the subject for increased odds of winning.

The main goal is to put those writing exercises to work with or without typos, grammatical errors or incomplete plotlines, your rough drafts count! For raffle purposes, it all counts!

Who’s in? Who wants to play? Who wants to write? Who wants to win?

Let me know here if this game has legs and I will launch it with more specifics.

Sneak peak…

Some ideas for the writing excercise will involve descriptions of,

a daily ritual (for yourself or your character/villain/crazy postal delivery person/whomever…You get the idea

an addiction to something other than drugs or alcohol (Pov from anyone/character of your choosing) “why this addiction?” must be revealed

Character preparing for a trip, (say where they’re headed without saying where they’re headed)

An unexpected call from a sordid relationship (not necessarily your character’s relationship)

BTW, those making the extra effort of well written stories, they’re eligible for the next level of fun. Yet to be announced.
(I am formulating fresh ideas of ways to gift writers that participate on this level. To potentially publish well written/received stories and highlight your work in unique venues, zero pressure, its just for fun that can deliver some nice bonuses)

What do you think???


Ok, I’m in…

[“Post must be at least 20 characters” !!!]

…Ok, I’m in.


Interesting, and although I shan’t do this exercise per se - I shall be using this idea for revisions in my current WIP. I shall write a flash fiction story for the synopsis; each chapter, and each scene. A kind of micro-to-macro exercise. *I love summarising.

Oh, oh, oh - I could also write mini stories for the backstory of each important character!

Thank you, DeAnna!

P.S. And when I’ve done that I shall buy myself a reward - probably ink cartridges or a notebook! :smiley:

*…almost an addiction :wink:


Sounds great to me. (Apologies for the late reply. Been knee-deep in a short story and some website updates). :slight_smile: :grinning:

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Yeah!!! I think it will be fun.

Am I too late? I think this would be fun … providing I ever get things done on time. I see the original post, DeAnna, was 10 February. (Have I really been away that long?!) And Since then, I noticed the other post where you said you’ve been unwell. Hope you’re feeling a little better by now, if not recovered completely (being realistic since that was only 3 days ago it seems, or was it only 2). Sorry, stream of mind coming out here, which nobody wants to read.

But yes – if you’re still thinking about doing this – if you get sufficient participants to make it work – I’m in.

Happy to see you @Kas You are not too late.

Perhaps it was fate, but yes, I was having quite time of it there for awhile. Im not quite out of the woods yet.

Atleast now I have a compass and my bering to find my best health again.

That said, I have not launched it yet. (I too have the struggle of things done on time. Life just keeps getting in its own way of having fun.)

I will plan it for after the summit has run and I will definitely count you in!

Thank you for the well wishes.


Personally, and I do realize it’s not all about me, :wink: I’m wrapped up in a huge editing project at present that stops my writing dead in the water. It will be my last: I have decided to retire from fiction editing. But for now, I am totally pre-occupied until the end of April. When you get this up and running, I’ll join in, providing it’s from May onwards (with or without a physical prize - the winning could be the kudos within our community).