Who can I blame for mentioning FREEWRITE?

In the Writing Circle, somebody mentioned that expensive silly little device Freewrite Smart Typewriter by Astrohaus. I’d never considered it before because that price tag is outrageous. But then I went poking around, and I found a used Freewrite (the full-sized, not the Traveler) on eBay. and was able to buy it at half of retail. It arrived, and it’s ridiculous, but this simple word processor has made me able to write!!! I’ve stopped stalling, backtracking, rewriting as I draft – I just write, and write steadily, for my 1,000 words every morning.

This has been a lifelong problem: tampering with text as I write. But Freewrite has no features other than the backspace, and I write just to write, NOT to read what’s on the page. So my drafts are sloppy, error-ridden, a complete mess. I often repeat myself from day to day. But my problem has never been editing, it’s always been the first-draft debacle – fear freezes me. I’ve had the Freewrite Smart Typewriter five days now, and I’ve written 5,000 words, a thousand each day, first thing in the morning with no issues.

So I want to blame/thank the person in the Writing Circle who mentioned it during a discussion. I had serious doubts that it would work, but I actually enjoy writing and look forward to it every morning. It has completely changed how I work. Thank you whoever you are!


Really great to hear what has worked for you. And maybe mentioning it here may help others who “stutter” in their writing?

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I agree with you Kas, but it’s a horribly expensive ‘stutter’ correction machine when bought at full price!! And I feel guilty because it’s such an indulgence. I can only admit here that I have one, because your participation here indicates you know that tools matter as do the support and guidance.

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I get what you’re saying, but living in New Zealand where our population is tiny (so very low gross manufactured output) and our currency is weak-ish in the global market, ANYTHING we import is ridiculously expensive. The nett result is that I’m accustomed to spending lots of moola for things that work. Having said that, I have no idea what a Freewrite device would cost, but the principle is there - giving up on some things, to buy others. So if it works for you (and you bought it half price), just enjoy and stop feeling guilty.

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Tough love! Thank you – I needed that.

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I am so glad this is helping you! I struggle with distractions in our tech-filled world, and because I have ADHD. I have drooled over the Freewrite since it was first on kickstarter, sure it would benefit my writing focus, but even a half-price model would be beyond my reach. Maybe one day. Keep writing!!!

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It’s always great to find something helpful to our writing process.

I like to use sprints and a timer, though my sprints look a little different than most, but it’s helped me stay on track ever since I started using them.


I agree with Kas, just …
“do it, and let the English see you do it.” ~ Braveheart

If it’s working and you’re writing, it can’t be wrong. It cost what it cost for a reason and I am so happy for you. You got a great deal!

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There are a couple of less expensive alternatives to the Freewrite if you’re willing to deal with old technology. Alphasmart machines have similar functionality and can be found on eBay for less than $100 . . . . sometimes much less.

Another way to write distraction free is to use one of the digital tablets (I have a Supernote) with a bluetooth keyboard. You get an e-ink screen and no surfing :). You also get handwriting to text conversion if you are the type of writer who still uses a (digital) pen.

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