When You Need To Be Creative, Write Now!

This morning I went in search of some writing story starters that felt fresh.

I stumbled across Creative Writing Now.

They had some fun fresh ideas and links to many more creative, inspiring, get-you-writing ideas.

Check them out here!

Here are some more links to browse:

Did you find any ideas that really resonated with you as a writer?

Do you have a .com you go to for writing inspiration that you would like to share here?

Did you smile at some if the suggestions like “oh that’s a clever new take on things”?

I smiled a lot reading through CreativeWritingNow.com, I hope you will too!


Not so much an easy internet go-to site, but I bought a book not long ago called “The Writer’s Idea Thesaurus: An interactive guide for developing ideas for novels and short stories” by Fred White. To be honest, I’ve not dived in yet, but I’ve leafed through it and it does appear to be choc-a-block full of ideas. The concept of it being a thesaurus is that you mix and match, and move from one idea to another. It’s fun, but I’ll have to let you know if it makes me more productive or more creative.


I liked the idea of the Cookbook Author, and immediately had the idea of a Cookbook Author who couldn’t cook - he/she has read and plagiarised other authors. Then they have to cook a top-notch feast for a local charity. And then…


Sounds hysterical, the top-notch feast for charity made up of pagiarized dishes.

But isn’t that what we all do, knowingly or subconsciously? I think it was Aristotle in his Poetics book that originated the idea that all our stories boil down to seven basic premises. (And before everyone jumps down my throat, I put my hand up and freely admit that it’s been over forty years since I read it, so I could easily have my details wrong). The point is that we are influenced by everything we see and hear in life, and being readers as well as writers, we’re bound to have ideas triggered by what others have already written. It’s only plagiarism if you copy sentences, paragraphs and whole scenes. But ideas … they’re free.


I would definitely read this! (So many storyline opportunities to really stand out with humor and heartache).

So true @kas! It can be so hard for writer’s with imposter syndrome to realize, ‘maybe it all has been said before, but it has not been said by you’ (as they say).

To accept that our individual words can bring something fresh and authentic to each story, song, screenplay, painting, etc can be the most difficult hurdle to over come.

Thank you so much for sharing these words of insight and wisdom to inspire other to press on writing

Just because it starts feeling familiar does not plagiarism make. It is simply a spark if imagination influenced by experiences (including reading experiences).



These were interesting to look through. I’m not one to use prompts outside of contest draws, but I’m always looking for new inspirational tangents to add to the ever-changing idea web.

Thanks for posting this.