When a Short Story Feels Too Long

Not in to short stories?

Try Flash fiction, read it in 10 mins or less!

(It’s a great way to share writing prompt work!)

“Flash Fiction, Flash Plays, Flash Memoirs – Flash Literature. Magazines devote themselves to it. Online chat groups talk it up. Workshops purport to teach budding flashers how to do it.”
Says Jack Goodstein at writerswrite.com

Check out the full article here:


Do you think fiction is going the way of flash content?

Do you have some flash fiction you would care to share?

Do you belong to any flash fiction groups that you could recommend?

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I enjoy flash fiction, both reading it and attempting to write it. The shortest story I’ve ever achieved, so far, is 1000 words. I love the challenge. Every word has to matter, specific to the story. It’s great practice for those looking to hone their style and tighten their prose. Some of the best flash fiction I’ve found online are at Flash Frog and SmokeLong Quarterly. Some stories I highly recommend are Dusk by SJ Han, Rag Doll by Sudha Balagopal, and A Cherry-Scented Cigar by Sara Dobbie.

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I’m going to check these out. I’m new to flash fiction, but adore the quick clean lines of it.Thanks for the recommendation!

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