What's something unimportant…

… that you are good at?

It can be a small skill / a niche activity / a nearly useless talent — but you definitely have it.

What is it?

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The power to trip on flat surfaces. I climbed two mountains on a school trip without falling, only to trip on the sidewalk back that the airport :joy:

That and I can make out shapes in clouds and other things I guess


Because of my job I can lock a padlock in literally less than half a second.


That is definitely a skill – wow.

I can write legibly on a whiteboard with a marker in each hand at the same time. Totally useless unless I need two copies of the same writing side by side but fun to do.


I’m extremely polite to food servers.


Lady F very often pretends that she speaks English. Not only her command of this language is not satisfactory, she even speaks her native language with a terrible accent. She knows no language in the world.

That said, she has got a language of her own. Completely unique ways of employing completely unique words. She can express herself with words unheard of and very uncommon. Well, her expressions often sound as if she is a King’s daughter and her clothes of pure gold.

She seems to download some words she doesn’t know from above.

She often uses words she doesn’t know.

She thinks etymology is a perfectly fascinating science. She is especially fond of human names.

She thinks she once knew a poem in Elfish, but she has forgotten it.

The world is full of languages and voices… Every language is a different culture…

She is extremely well endowed with language talents…

I know what you are thinking!

Linguistics she finds delightful. She, however does not understand it – one bit.

With Maths it is worse – she used to be 20th in the city before high school, but developed an aversion to it. Now she doesn’t even know the multiplication table.

Geography and History – Absolut zero. She does not even pretend she knows them.

She thinks all the people who deal with geography eventually become lunatics.

It’s just very peculiar, to want to know such changing things…

Geography and History are constantly refurbished with new “discoveries.”

It would be better if they invented things.

Like Literature.

No science.
No religion.

Literature. Of the kind that leaves you in laughter and in tears.

Literature has been the best romantic lover of Lady F so far.

But she does not pretend to understand it.


Useless needs a context.

I can date any fragment of historical pottery found in the U.S.A. within fifty years for pre-twentieth century and roughly a decade thereafter.

I can also determine the types of projectile points (arrowheads) in Virginia/Carolina areas.

This could be useful if I still worked in archaeology. But that ended fifteen years ago and now it seems to be a parlor trick.


@LadyF I must be a lunatic then! Ha!

Geography is nonverbal literature. The land tells us plenty of stories if we know where to look.

Seven years as a cataloging librarian gave me many useless talents. Organizing, categorizing, alphabetizing, and arcane knowledge of the Dewey Decimal System.


Oh the fond days of researching out of card catalogs! I am half tempted to manage my ebook collection by Dewey Decimal System just to keep the spark alive.


Reading things upside down or backwards. Not so useless… I like reading notes at the Drs… altho they often use a computer screen that I cant see now. I can also sleep pretty much anywhere anytime, except when I go to bed🙄 That skill is useless and annoying!


I can read up down or backwards really well. I envy your ability to sleep anywhere!