What's She Reading Now Now? Book Club Suggestions

I’m reading this thriller, THE INNOCENT WIFE By Amy Lloyd.
Nominated for best first novel by daily mail.

I have to agree it is superbly written!

If you have ever wondered what goes through someone’s mind that marries someone on death row, someone they met by writing to them in prison… Well that’s just the beginning!


Has anyone else read this?

Any suggestions for a next good read?


I have often wondered why people do that. Interesting!

I only read YA and middle-grade novels, but here’s a list of recent reads that I enjoyed:

The Other Side of Perfect by Mariko Turk

The Summer of Lost Letters by Hannah Reynolds

Skyward (it’s a YA sci-fi series, by Brandon Sanderson…book 3 comes out this month)

Books by Sandhya Menon

The Enola Holmes series by Nancy Springer


Is it just me, or are letters packed with intrigue and the unknown simply by their very existence?

I am always fascinated when authors work letters into their novels. I believe they become their own character in a way.

This book is going into my reading circulation.
Thank you for the suggestions!

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But remember, try to work the letter itself in early, its meaning can be layered throughout.

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Oh yes, I like that very much so!

My current work in progress begins with a letter. I received a good response from readers.

I would very much like to do several books that start with a letter.

Not necessarily a related to one another series, but a plot-style-series.

Is that a thing?

If not, it is now! I am on a mission!!!