What’s making you happy / what do you feel grateful for / what do you feel proud of for this year?

For me…

  • I’m reading this: Glitch Jenna Katerin Moran is my favourite RPG writer, by a mile, and her games seem to focus on a universal human experience / emotion and then create a vast supernatural framework around that feeling. The idea of Glitch is basically — “do uou ever feel just out of sorts, like nothing is really good, like the world isn’t satisfying — well that’s because you’re an invader from beyond existence (who now solves mysteries with your friends) with these god like powers…”

  • I hired a VA, something that was desperately needed. I had some real emotional / imposter syndrome / money fears that I had to work through first… But he’s now writing / building stuff for me and he’s fantastic — Leo Roxas.

  • I’m glad I’ve been able to pitch a novel to agents this year. That’s a place I couldn’t have imagined being a few years ago.

  • I’m super proud of how well this new novel is going. Even though my writing method means I’ll never get 50k words done for NaNo, it does mean it’s sustainable for me, and I’ll be using it for the foreseeable future.

  • I’m thankful to have several places I can call my my writing “community”, including this circle, fanfic forums I use, and a great writing guild.

  • And, I’m thankful to have found so many wonderful books lately. I’ve read over 6k pages since August 1st, and I haven’t had to DNF any so far.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who’s celebrating. :turkey:


Happy Thanksgiving from the UK!

Happy: that my loved ones and dear friends are surviving this year, so far.

Grateful: that I understand what the novel is about - at last - as I go into the second draft.

Proud: of all frontline workers, including my youngest grand daughter.


Happy Thanks Giving from W.Aus too. Take care you guys, and enjoy your holiday.

Grateful that despite this wretched virus, we are still all here. My family in Victoria, my family in UK and you guys.

Grateful that I had the time to start thinking about challenging myself to write something longer and getting into planning.

Happy that summer’s coming.

Proud that I am hanging in with my exercise class, even though it’s really not my thing🤪


I’m grateful for the writer community. There are so many voices completely different from one another, yet the passion and love for stories really draw us all together as one. I’m thankful to be able to share my own honest opinion with so many amazing people. It’s so basic, yet heartwarming.


Happy belated Thanksgiving!

  • List item Since my first experience with @Danielw this past January, writing has been my happiness. I write a little each day and watching my craft grow and improve thrills me.

  • List item I am most grateful for a husband that loves and supports me through medical issues and vision loss. He fuels the cliché of being my rock.

  • List item I am proud of succeeding in my first year being department chair and turning my classroom into a virtual sensation. My students are still learning, even from home.



  1. I am (so far) surviving my bout with covid. It’s been a tough road full of frustration and setbacks. I should overcome it, but it has sidelined me in significant ways and may continue doing so for some time.
  2. My parents survived covid. My dad survived cancer surgery and is positive, looking forward to his chemo treatments.
  3. I began a fitness routine in June and kept consistent with it right up until I became ill. I look forward to being healthy enough to get back to it.
  4. Someone close led me back to a deeper place with my faith and it has helped me in these particularly extra challenging times.
  5. My loyal and dearest friends, always ready to
    listen and to alpha or beta read for me, when I actually get words down for them to look at.

Thank you for saying that, @Saragflee. It really - It means a lot.