Wednesday Workshop: The Nonet

Ever heard of a nonet? It’s a nine-line poem, that begins with nine syllables, and diminishes by one syllable each line, so that you end with just one syllable.

Find an example from acclaimed poet Billy Collins here:

Set aside five minutes of your day and try writing your own today!

If you feel comfortable, share your nonet here - or even just a line!


I’m tired of wanting to tell my tale.
Weary of being so weary,
And afraid I’ve broken or
Betrayed someone inside —
That deep love, unknown
Glowing kind muse,
Who whispers:
Come back,
Write —


My cat’s favorite reclining place
Is upon my writing paper
Though she’s not been invited
To lounge across my words
Or bite my pencil
She has become
A feline


The battle inside my head raging
Pounding, throbbing, twisting fiercely
Angry at its powerful
Hold over my whole life
I wish it gone now
Beg for relief
Oh migraine
I need


Moving…to the core

I feel you. ((Hugzzz))

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Oh my goodness, what great fodder for endless poetry and prose. What a little character…I couldn’t help but smile.

P.s. a writer friend dealt with the same until she put an in a tray style in and out box for documents on her desk. Her two cats moved in to them like gargoyles watching over her writing (but not on it).


Sometimes writing makes me so dreary,

Other times I get quite teary,

Words are so very weary.

Why write them then you ask,

If it’s such a task.

No different than,

To risk pain,

To find,


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