Want to see behind the scenes?

Maybe some of you will be curious about how I run my writing events…

A while ago, I was interviewed by the CEO of HeySummit about how I host summits (using their HeySummit platform). Today, at 11am US east coast time, that interview goes live:

Note – this is me with my tech / business person hat on, trying to sound cool to another tech / biz person. So I may sound exactly the same as normal, or different – I haven’t seen the video yet…


thanks for sharing. You sound the same, authentic and keeping it on the down low. As a technologist and business teacher (and writer) I found your style, positioning and value quite distinctive. Keep up the good work.

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Maybe this earlier interview was a warm-up for the July interview with Sacha. My impression is that you come off as far more confident in yourself and what you’re saying in your interview on Sacha’s podcast. It’s subtle and only by a few degrees but enough to be noticeable in my opinion.

I mean that in a good way but this is from the perspective of an American. Maybe, a British audience, or other region/culture, would not agree with me.

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I think that’s the skill of Sacha’s interviewing, rather than the passage of time. She is good at making people feel comfortable and affirmed :slight_smile:

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