Vision issues affecting me, but will get relief soon

I am around, juat not as active as I’d like. I pop in to read as I can, but it’s been difficult to participate much lately. I’ve worn glasses since I was nine. My eyeglass prescription of ten years ago (oops, time flies and with the pandemic, these types of things fall by the wayside) isn’t working well for me lately, so between eye strain and fatigue, there are only short bursts when I can work to see well enough to read/respond to posts. Drug store readers help a bit, but not well enough for my unique needs. Plus, one eye has different issues/vision strength than the other.
I called several weeks ago and have an appointment to check my eyes and order new glasses in March.
I can’t wait for that, so I’ll be able to finally read and interact more easily.
It will also help me write again. I’ve used some voice-to-text for that, but it isn’t the same and isn’t always feasible when other family members are in the vicinity!
“See” you again soon.


Looking[sic] forward to having you back in the saddle!

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