Udemy Course for Authors to Use Mailerlite Effectively

A friend of mine has created a Udemy course (videos and text) to teach writers how to use and benefit from using MailerLite for your marketing. I haven’t watched it yet myself, but it’s been launched prior to beta testing. There may be a few typos and such like which will be corrected, but if you buy access now with the launch promotion, any updates will automatically be included (you do the course at your own pace). To help promote the launch, she’s offering a promotion code to purchase the course for only US$15 (a reduction of $30 from the $45 it will be later on). The launch promo code is on her promotion “flier,” but in case it doesn’t come out clearly, it is: ML-LAUNCH and the course title is: Mailerite for Writers


I just wanted to note that I use MailerLite and I’m very happy with it.
The main reason I chose it over the others was that you can use all the features you need for free (especially including automations), if you’re in the early stages and just trying out the whole mailing list thing. (I.e. it’s free if you have less than 1,000 subscribers, as far as I recall.)

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I’m fairly certain you’re correct Luke, regarding it being free for up to 1000 people on one list. Long may that last!

What is her name so she can get folks ar her link and not someone elses?

Good point DeAnna. Her name is Judy Mohr. If you use the link in the promo image I posted, it should take you to the course, but you need to open a Udemy account first (for free). She’s also a thriller writer and an awesome developmental/structural editor. But that’s not relevant to the MailerLite course. :slight_smile:

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