Try out this writing prompt for me?

I’m about to deliver a talk on Character-First plotting (in 40 minutes…!)

Tell me what you think of this writing prompt. Does it make sense to you?

Thank you!


Yes. These generators are d’ Bomb, baby! Talk about stropping a plotline.

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I found it easy to understand and helpful!

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I like these prompts, they are a refocus for me. They help me see past the trees to some of the wood!


Great ‘triggers’ there. Heard your talk was inspiring, btw. Bravo!

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I’m so happy to hear that!

A little late on when you need this probably, but weighing in nonetheless. This is an awesome writing prompt walk through. I love it! I ran through it with a thought I’ve had as just an idea I thought would be a fun write which has been in the idea hat for a long time without any plot line. I think I have somewhere to go with it now. :grin: :notebook:

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Thank you, @Dess! Glad you liked it.

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