Trans Day of Visibility

  1. Who is a trans writer you’ve read / admire?

  2. See this amazing preview of Jeanne Thornton (from Escape the Plot Forest)’s new novel:

With this letter, a sorcery has come upon you. Meant for B——, Gala’s invocation applies to the reader, too—Thornton’s novel is a spell wrought with words. Filled with mystery, magic, and at one point, a flying car, Summer Fun is a can’t-miss work of trans literature that marks Thornton as one of the most exciting and original novelists working today.”

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Here are a few of my favorites:

  1. Austin Chant
  2. Jay Northcote
  3. E.E. Ottoman
  4. Aiden Thomas
  5. Cole McCade

And (not trans but nonbinary): Kris Ripper


Thanks for sharing this!

Nobody will know about her, but I really admire my friend Belle’s work. She has a blog for her short stories and other creative output.

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Share the link! Where can we read?

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You can read her work here:

Thanks for your interest! She hasn’t posted anything in a while but she’s written some neat short shorts. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll be sure to tell her she’s got some new readers!