Today's bonus sessions + happy hour + deadline + no chat + jubilee day

Dear amazing summit attendees.

Thank you for an unforgettable experience.

The main event of the summit is now over. Wow.

Thank you to all 3,000+ of you.

I have two surprise announcements and a deadline:

Firstly, that we have two NEW bonus sessions today – open to everyone – and, by extremely popular request, a goodbye happy hour.

That happy hour is also open to EVERYONE.


What are the suprise bonus sessions?

At 3pm my time, Scrivener is coming to present and tell us how to use their famous writing tool. And at 4pm, the remarkable Chad R. Allen will tell us how to build our author platform and get started developing an audience.


The final, goodbye, farewell happy hour begins at 5pm.

Please join us.


Secondly… the deadline.

Tickets for the plot pass CLOSE at midnight today, US east coast time.

If you don’t already have the plot pass, you have until tonight at midnight, NYC US east coast time, to buy it.

At midnight, all the talks become unavailable to free ticket holders.

Buy your plot pass now, before it’s too late!​

Tomorrow, on Tuesday, I’m going to post the plot pass videos: the follow-up sessions with Derek Murphy, Alina Boyden, Linda Lowen, and others.

And I’ll post the plot pass masterclasses with Don Stewart, Michael Notlemeyer, and others.

And I’ll send you your discounts and trial codes. And I’ll invite you to the first post-event watch party.

I’m excited to share these writing techniques and tools with you!

Now – free ticket holders – go get the plot pass!

(Plot pass holders: you are fantastic. You are compassionate and insightful. Have I already mentioned that?)



Today is a jubilee / encore day.

My vision for the summit has always been that you can experience the entire event for free. All you had to do was watch each session live or catch the replays within 24 hours.

And from all the emails I have received, the approach has been a HUGE success.

However, I know that a few people arrived late and missed Beth or Linda’s presentation.

Some people had family concerns or religious observance over the weekend. It made me uncomfortable that those people couldn’t experience the event as intended.

Plus I simply don’t want this to end yet!

So if you are still on the free pass, you can watch all the replays today, with no restrictions. You catch a talk on day one that you missed.


(You may need to refresh your browser, or open with an incognito window, or re-register with a different email address – but it is working in my tests, so just try a few ways in.)

Now, you still need the plot pass to join us for the post-event live watch parties, and to get access to the audio downloads of each talk, and the bonus content.

I think you should catch a session or two today, then join us for the happy hour, and then upgrade to the plot pass.

One big note: this really is the epilogue of the summit. This is like the “resolution” phase of the novel, after the main action.

So I’ve turned off, for today, all commenting and chat.

To repeat: comments and the chat boxes are now closed.

Today is just meant for you to catch up on a session you missed, come to the bonus sessions, toast us all at the happy hour, and then (if necessary) get the plot pass.

I mean, I have loved (LOVED) the way this community has actively learned from one another. You are a spectacular group.

But to put it simply: I can’t monitor 20 chatboxes at once. So I think the best option is to re-focus this day, this jubilee, on learning from the speakers, and then getting the plot pass when you’re ready for more.



Here are your action steps:

​Come to the surprise bonus sessions.​
​Buy the plot pass.​
Once you have the plot pass, wait for my emails tomorrow about the posting of the bonus content and links to the audio files and invite to the first watch party.

Thank you again,




Daniel, I’m having trouble logging into the Scrivener talk. Is there a problem with the Zoom link?

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