Tired! (after the summit)

Wow I’m still weary after the (amazing) summit.

How is everyone else doing?


I’m still exhausted from last weekend, too, juggling family crisis and summit sessions. But it was a fabulous event filled with tons of information, advice, and cameraderie. I thoroughly enjoyed the speakers and gained so much from their knowledge and experience. However, now I’m still trying to catch up on sleep and recharge my energy levels for NaNo. I’ve also got to get a blogpost written and posted for Halloween.


Still processing notes from the summit sessions and trying to catch up/stay up on all the other things temporarily put aside during it. No rest for the weary. :slight_smile:


Yes, trying to fit in those replays within the 24 hr period was very hard work especially when one of the days I was away from home. It did mean I missed some. But getting up at 2am for attending live? Nope, sorry. Just couldn’t. I know the reason for the 24 hr restriction but it still doesn’t make me happy about it.
I should admit that buying before trying is agin my principles, so pre-buying the replays was not an option, especially given my tight budget.
That said, I really enjoyed several of the speakers and have gone on to their websites etc. to learn more!


The first quarter of school ends next week, and I have been scrambling to get missing work from 11 year olds through Virtual Learning in a county with patchy internet. I may begin wearing a Wonder Woman costume if I succeed.

I just started replays of the Plot Summit since I missed them live because life is crazy. Wow! I love Kris Kennedy!


Still inwardly digesting all that fantastic guidance. It was like a richly embroidered tapestry. Each time you revisit, you see and understand something else.

It was - and continues to be - inspiring, educational, enlightening and incredibly motivating.

Thank you so much, Daniel.


Mildly tired as well, but super energized to get writing at the same time. It was a great summit that left me feeling more writerly than ever, and helped me keep on doing what I love most.

Also, I’m panicking at my plotting and blurbing skills, but that’s not the summit’s fault :smile:


I’m still processing all the information from last weekend, thinking of how to apply it in NaNoWriMo. That and I’m just tired in general :joy:


Still digesting all that material and need to go over some of it again!

Steadily adding to the skeleton story I had before the summit - 3 characters in search of a plot Now there’s c.12,000 words of beats and set-pieces, with a complete narrative arc.

Using Derek Murphy’s 24-chapter plotting cheat sheet helps. It’s shown me I’m not quite there with structure, but I know where the gaps are.

Just need to fill in the other 60,000 or so and we’re done. :grinning: And there’s material there for books 2 and 3.

Also discovered Shawn Coyne’s Storygrid videos and tools which is another perspective for narrative structure, but a long way from Character First.

It hasn’t helped fighting with iTunes trying to get my 5 non-fiction books on wide sale. I’ll never complain about Amazon KDP or Kobo again.