The summit will have a "community space"!

This is really exciting. This year, I’m adding a “community space” where we can meet, talk, network…

It will look a bit like this but with a more writing, artistic vibe. You’ll be able to move your camera around and you’ll only be able to hear (and be heard) by the people you move close to. It’s all built with an app called TeamFlow.

I’m going to have specific areas for people to meet and talk:

Sci fi & fantasy library
Crime & thriller lab
Romance novel cafe
YA “outdoor space” — misty moor… tree house?
Literary fiction bookshop
Historical fiction parlor
Quiet writing corner (do not disturb)

Any other ideas? Any other “tables” in the room?


That sounds intriguing. You might want to add a Horror/Paranormal room. I know there are a few of us here who write horror fiction.


Sounds exciting. A recent editors’ conference I went to had a “Wonder Room” and break out areas from that, which appears to be the same type of thing. It was called Wonder room only because the app was called Wonder. Anyway, the point I wanted to make is that people LOVED the space, so I have high hopes for this community space you’re setting up.

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Hi, I’m writing a children’s book series. It would great to have a space.


That’s a great idea @Moni! I also have a couple of middle-grade novel ideas, in various stages of development, in my filing cabinet. And I know of a couple of other children’s writers in this community who would benefit from a specific room dedicated to them.

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We can build it! A children’s lit “treehouse”? “Cabin?”


Treehouse sounds right. Also, the horror/paranormal room would be called “lair” or “crypt,” maybe?


Claiming ‘Castle’ on behalf of the fantasy writers (it may turn into an Ivory Tower, just sayin’).


We got our first taste of the community space today and I loved it. I know some folks were frustrated. Everyone gets frustrated with a new app or program. But it adds a social element to the summit that wasn’t there before. Being able to pop into one of the genre rooms to chat with other attendees after a presentation, even for a few minutes, would be fun and beneficial, I think. I hope it stays. I would enjoy that as a happy hour enormously. Especially if Daniel and other speakers each took a room to hang out in.

I will agree that for the purposes of presentations, Zoom is probably the best choice. It has the most important feature of all, the speaker’s ability to mute everyone.