The summit is coming!

We have almost 400 registered attendees. A dozen fantastic speakers.

And now I’m in the nervous stage where I keep worrying no one will show up!

Pressing on…


PS It looks like All Access Pass buyers will also get access to bonus videos from Escape the Plot Forest favourites Linda Lowen, Tim Storm, and Brooklyn Knight.


You may want to make the dates of the event more prominent in several places. I see a countdown timer but that means the person has to remind themselves of the current date and do some quick math and project out to get the date. I had to dig pretty far to find a link to the schedule which fortunately has dates.

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The ‘View your local time’ link is super helpful. I’m seeing it on the schedule email, but if not already on the info for signing up, probably should be, too.

I agree about the ‘view your local time’, however I’m wondering about Sunday because the daylight savings time starts @2am Sunday morning which might present problems. Currently, when you click on it for Sunday it states standard time. Most of the country will change, but not all of it. I just want to make sure I don’t miss a session. Thanks.


I’ve got the Summit booked on my calendar :smiley:


All sessions booked in on my calendar (3am start for me, ugh!), but despite the early mornings I’m really looking forward to it. Might start the first day though at 4am with Donald Stewart’s talk, and attend Daniel’s slightly later Welcome Again talk at 5:30am. Ahhh, the joys of living on the other side of the world!

I tried relying solely on the replays for the Plotting Forest and felt I missed out by not attending “live.” Going to avoid repeating that mistake.

Daniel, I’ve posted your link from the recent email with a brief intro on my personal and professional FB pages, Twitter and LI. Hope it helps.

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It does!

PS Definitely skip my welcome session at 3am – you won’t need it.

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See you at the “Welcome Again” session two and a half hours later. :slight_smile:

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New and Improved! Now with 30% MORE Summit in every box!

@Danielw I just noticed the preview above is pulling info from somewhere that still says “two-day”.

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