The Stories Behind the Story

Just a quick share with the group.

It’s about some of the way other authors came to write some of those stories we know and love.

Happy reading!

Were you surprised by any of the back stories?

Did you gain any insight to one of your own writing dilemmas?

Do you have a story behind the story to share?

Please do share it here.


In 1949, I was abandoned at the age of three and moved from foster home to foster home due to being mistreated.

All my protagonists, in one way or another, are, initially, unloved outsiders. Finding a place to belong alongside a loving kindred spirit is hard won for each of them, and all the more treasured.

Had I not been abandoned and fostered, I would never have ended up in this tiny patch of the planet, where I met my beloved husband who’s become the other half of my heart and soul.


I’m tearing up reading this, because I love when folks don’t give up and it’s so worth it.

I really appreciate you for sharing your story behind the story.

Thank You.

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