The schedule for the next summit is slowly developing

This schedule is provisional… Very provisional…

But take a look here:

Also I’m blanking on bonuses for the all access pass. Any suggestions? Any companies I should reach out to?

  1. My favorite book on style is Style: 10 Lessons in Clarity and Grace. a) Maybe someone involved with the book or who uses the book would be interested in giving a talk? I searched and found this link by someone who is a writer and was a teacher (read About on the website): Style: Ten Lessons in Clarity and Grace | Just Can’t Help Writing. b) Or possibly an editor of one of the editions (maybe find on Amazon) might be interested? c) Here is another link. Not sure what it is – maybe writers of religious-slanted content? But he seems to like the book. Style: Some Notes on Clarity and Grace (

  2. The other idea I can think of is to contact a writer who is an excellent stylist. I think one of the best is Lawrence Block, but doubt he would be interested. But many someone in this group has some suggestions?

Pretty cool to see Sacha Black on there. I was thinking about recommending her for it and I’m looking forward to that session now.

For bonuses, ProWritingAid immediately comes to mind as a must include for this topic. I already took advantage of a lifetime offer from the Plot Summit but there might still be others who haven’t yet or new folks. That’s a pretty obvious one. I’ll try to think harder for others but Writing Style and Voice is a newer area for me. I’ll be getting a lot more out of it, I suspect, than other summits.

Have you approached Shaelin Bishop for this summit yet? She has been doing some really great videos for Reedsy and has her own channel: ShaelinWrites. I posted a link in this community not too long ago for her video essay on Psychic Distance. You covered something similar in a lesson in one of your courses or maybe it was one of the recorded live sessions. I’ve crammed too much Daniel David Wallace into my head last week! I can’t separate source info like I usually can! Her video, being dedicated to it, goes into a bit more detail than made sense for when you talked about it.

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Some other quick thoughts on this:

There are some other apps out there similar to ProWritingAid but rather than suggest competitors to you which might not make PWA as happy to share space with them, I’m thinking now of things like the extra interviews or interview content you did in the Plot Summit as bonuses was good. Offers for feedback on short writing samples from the panel experts seems solid as a bonus. I’d probably try to avoid too many sessions that are purely hidden behind the ‘pass paywall’ but having additional value from a session available with the pass felt alright to me. With the caveat that the open session does not dedicate more than a brief mention to that extra content or is fully designed to ‘sell’ that extra content. Each should have value in their own right, in my opinion. Being ambushed by a sales webinar is the worst!

I think I said this a different way back during the Plot Summit but, I would try not to oversell the summit content itself in different formats (audio and transcripts) as bonuses. Even if your bonus list ends up being on the short side. Obviously include them and I’m just expressing my opinion and feeling whenever I see that but it doesn’t make it look like an abundance of bonuses; it actually, again in my view, lessens the perceived value of the other bonuses because it comes off as value padding and trying to compensate for some lack of something in the other bonuses. I can be a bit of a unicorn when it comes to being marketed to and what works so other opinions on this are good.

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I’m looking forward to it. You can throw anything at me. I’m at the point in my writing where I need to know more but I can’t pin down specifically what I’m missing. Any info you present will be good info :slight_smile: