The Four Desk Solution

How many writing desks do you have? What do you think of Daniel’s approach?

It would appear I’ve been doing this for years. The kitchen table is where I “draw” my stories; on butcher’s paper with a strong black marker. In my den, I type and write in the deadened gloom of early morning. By the TV, I answer the odd email, or toss a question into the ether. When the weather sees fit, I am allowed to scribe a few traces on the back patio.

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I have two separate creative areas–not really “desks” per se, but I suppose you could call them that.

  1. The couch or kitchen table is where I write my outlines (longhand) with college ruled notebook paper (folded in half from top to bottom), a clipboard, and a pen. I’ve been doing this for years and really love it. Sometimes I end up using my outline, and sometimes I start writing, hit a plot point that doesn’t end up making sense and running in a different direction, but the time I’ve spent with the characters and story always proves valuable.

  2. My office/library is where I type up my work. The outline clipboard gets propped up to one side so I can see it, and from there, I never know what’ll happen.

I think the four desk approach has merit as it separates creative functions/frames of mind. Sometimes that isn’t what you want or need, but sometimes it is, and knowing when you need that specific focus is something I think we can all work on.


I really like the “Four Desk Approach.” I was having trouble focusing on my writing but when Daniel shared the idea, I took his advice. I made a special area (It’s not really a desk.) to do just writing and it has helped tremendously. I feel like when I sit there, I am more disciplined and think about writing whereas my more general work area is a place that I can do crafts, pay bills etc.


Outlines are like divvying and dividing up your Legos. Perhaps we go for orderly Realism, or we’re just Cubist straight down the line.


A reader sent me this – in relation to the four desks :slight_smile:


I recognize that second desk as my own. :rofl: