The co-teacher is hired!

You may have already seen me send out an email about this, but it’s very good news – can I celebrate?

For my new program, PPN Plus, I wanted to hire a writing advisor / coach, who would respond to participants’ work each time they reached the next “milestone.” In other words, once a month or so, depending on each writer’s speed, this writing advisor would read and respond to the next part of the participants’ novel plan or outline.

But I had a problem: how to find someone suitable? My requirements were…

  1. a great teacher and editor
  2. a skilled and accomplished author
  3. not someone active in this community for the initial hire (I can explain why if you’re curious)
  4. able and willing to teach using my PPN frameworks and techniques
  5. kind and generous

Quickly, one person sprang to mind: Allison Saft. She is a debut novelist with Wednesday Books / MacMillan, a Pitchwars mentor, and her novel is a dark YA fantasy with romantic elements…

Plus, she went through one of the earliest versions of my plotting course (you may have seen her testimonial on the PPN sales page), and she enjoyed it!

She seemed perfect. But would she be interested?

I emailed her, we talked about the role, and – she agreed!

This is great news. I’m looking forward to updating you how the program works out.