The 7 Senses of the World! A Writing Prompt!

I have heard authors describe the beginning of writing a story as a bag of bones.

The initial outline of the story is a framework, the skeleton if you will, a bag of bones.

It is the author’s job to add the layers of blood, muscle, sinew, and flesh it out with description. In this way breathing life into the words, until it lives beyond the author.

Begin with these impressions and then flesh out the bones by using the 5 senses. Let’s give it a try.

If you want to shake things up, use a 6th sense (E.S.P.) or better still, a 7th!

(The 7th sense is a wildcard, it can be anything you say it is. You are the creator of your own character’s world and abilities, invent one!)

If you really want a writing challenge, use each of these prompts in a single writing session. Work one in to your storyline right after the other.

  1. The insistent rustle of a plastic bag.
  2. A nose blowing.
  3. Browned and freckled skin.
  4. The grinding of gears.
  5. The song/message/warning/omen of wind chimes.
  6. A dense fog that doesn’t lift.
  7. The presence of fresh drool.
  8. Heads are bowed.
  9. The implications of an uncorked bottle.
  10. Avoiding someone/thing that makes your skin crawl.

Did you find any inspiration in these prompts?

Please if you don’t mind, do share what you wrote!

Do you have another prompt you would like to suggest?