Self-promo day / invite a friend day

What have you been working on? What should we read or buy?

Any successes, even small, you can share?

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If you’ve never read any of Chris Cofler’s The Land of Stories, I’d definitely recommend them. They’re middle grade, but if you enjoy fairytalesque content, these are totally for you.

I found out earlier this week that I won a fanfiction contest I entered back in July. :smiley:
The story’s pretty short (about 2500 words):
Fair warning though, if you’re not a fan of hard sci-fi, this may not be for you.


Congrats! That’s fantastic.

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This is nice. A lot more there than meets the eye . . . Thank you!

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I had a little article published by BookCave on ‘Mixtopian’ fiction for their readers, and they plan to publish my summary of Unconscious Thought Theory for authors this coming week.
Mainly though I’m finally hard at work working through my editor’s line by line and overall critique for my next book. I’m trying to speed up from only four or five pages a day - 376 to go (and maybe a few more scenes to write).


I’m working on my 5th book in a series of classical-type murder mysteries. Currently they are available on Amazon as ebooks and, just recently, on Kindle Unlimited where I’m having a modest (very modest) flurry of activity. Actually, if anyone is willing to read my 4th book and to join my ‘review team’, I’d love to send you a copy for free (each is essentially stand-alone). ‘Death in Lachmore Wood’ is newly published, about a month ago (each in the series is called ‘Death in’ or ‘at’ somewhere-or-other).
Any mystery fans in our group?


I’d be up for that. :slight_smile:

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Thanks, Deborah! Are you on fb, and can message me or me you?


Received and reading.

Lovely, Daniel! Thank you.

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Love how you get our intrepid sleuth in the door. I’ll let you, and everyone else, know!