S.O.S. Writing -- a new textbook for sentences

Originally published at: https://danieldavidwallace.com/2014/08/20/s-o-s-writing-a-new-textbook-for-sentences/

Dear readers and friends, I’m excited to spread the word about a new textbook, Don Stewart’s S.O.S. Writing, designed to teach you how to write better sentences. [Update 2020: The site is now renamed Writing Whatever.] The book has a very cool pedigree. If you’ve read my series “Writing Better Sentences,” you’ll remember that several of my…


Woah. I didn’t realise this would happen.

This is actually an update to a very old post! But Don’s site still looks good.

This looks great and I want to learn more. I’m trying to figure out the best way (how to get the most bang for the buck) to use the site.

Do you know if the books available on Amazon have the same content as the online lessons?

I use a Windows computer and a Kindle, and haven’t read epub files on either of them. I’d like to read the lessons on my computer, but when I downloaded the free lesson it was only one page. If you have downloaded it. Is that right, it’s just one page (or maybe I’m seeing the content correctly on my computer)?

Did you become a member? If so, do you think membership is worthwhile? Do you know how the membership content they send differs from the lessons?

Have you done the online lessons or read the books? Do you think all of the courses are necessary, or do you any recommendations on which are most useful?

Update: I sent an email with questions and got some answers.

  1. Yes, to read the courses (epub format) you will need an app. For Windows, here is a link for possible apps (all are free except one): https://beebom.com/best-epub-reader-windows. On Mac Don Stewart says he uses Thorium and there is a version for pc. For a tablet, he thinks the app is Lithium.
  2. The books on Amazon are grade 7 through 12 workbooks, and one is a collection of essays by the “professor who originally developed the course.”
  3. He said, “the Twice-a-Week Writing is not a straight-line writing course. In most cases I am looking closely at either a sentence or paragraph from a wide range of authors to show how they are designing their style and how you can easily apply their techniques to your own writing.”
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