Reading Traditions for the Holidays

Today my mind is on the winter holidays and the traditions that they create.

Growing up, many of the traditions that defined our family were centered around us participating as a unit.

Ever since my father passed away I have felt at a loss around the holidays, an absence I have not been able to work the old traditions around.

This year, I decided to make some changes because frozen in time the last 7 years is no place my father would want me to be.

Surely, it is never too late to build new traditions? After all, traditions are simply repeated actions with intention.

This year I started the annual Dec 23rd, Chinese take-out with enough leftovers to sustain me through hours of gift wrapping. I purchased and seasoned the prime rib that will be the star of the Christmas feast with sides of garlic potatoes and grilled asparagus on the 25th.

Tonight, I will follow the lead of many others before me and choose a book for my traditional Christmas Eve read.

Of course, I will still miss my father, but a little quiet time with a hot cup of cocoa and a great book I love to read could be the beginning of a beautiful new relationship with the holiday season.

Check out “Start a Reading Tradition this Holiday”, by Chelsea Cleveland for more inspiration.

Merry Winter Holidays Everyone!


Do you have a favorite book you read annually?

Do you have any suggestions for other books to consider?

Do you have traditions with books or writing involved?