Quick Characters Done Cheap — Jeanne Thornton

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Found it, thanks Daniel!

Here is the transcript of my Unconscious Thought Theory as a Creativity Tool workshop.
The blog article where I touch upon “the people in our heads” is just one paragraph in Where Ideas Come From.

To save people the need to go there, it’s simply this:

Another clue [to where ideas come from] is our ability to create mental models of other people - what they’re thinking, how they’ll react, how they’re feeling - and the discovery of mirror neurones, that let us experience the pain or joy of other people, as if whatever is happening to them is also happening to us. That all ties up with our ability to form social groups, and through that, to survive. The evolutionary pressure that drove that development is very clear. So our ability to construct models of other people, good enough to allow us to hold imaginary conversations with them, is another large piece of the puzzle: we really are very adept at creating hypothetical situations, populating them with imaginary or “real” people, and then letting them act and react with each other in our minds. That’s a big part of the answer.


I thought this was an extremely valuable session. I love the way Jeanne approachs character, and how that approach opens up so much about story and plot. I will definitely be watching this one more than once to glean all the wisdom and information.


I enjoyed how Jeanne approached character development more as an exploratory conversation. I will be taking my characters for the novella I am working on through this process.


Jeanne was a delight! I have a whole series of meditations for this, and she made me feel so seen :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Jeanne’s presentation was my absolute favorite. She blew my mind.