Promote yourself — a day late!

Promo day was supposed to be Friday.

But the horrible news in the US and prep for my son’s birthday knocked me a little off course.

So. For today:

What’s something of yours we should buy or check out? Do you have a mailing list?

I’ll go first: I’m hosting a webinar tomorrow at 2pm on three “big mistakes” novelists can make. I kind of hate that title — I don’t like making people feel bad about their writing — but that does describe accurately the plan for the webinar… Regardless, I think the session will be really good.

Sign up here:

I’ll describe the three problems, we’ll have at least one writing session, and I’ll end by reminding everyone to register for my paid workshop, the September CFW.


I’ve begun skipping a lot of those titles on YouTube videos but I do still take a look at them if the title includes - “…and how to fix them!”

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I write a lot of fanfiction when I’m not working on my own stuff.

Some of this stuff is old, but it really shows how my writing style has changed over the years. There’s some great recent stuff too, including some contest-winners on here:


Thank you for sharing!