Plot Forest Contact Sheet

Here’s the link for our rough-and-ready contact sheet:

Beautiful meeting you all!

And three cheers to Daniel for such a lovely experience.


Thank you for putting that together!


Let me thank you as well, Writesmith. I really enjoyed the event.

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Glad to have met you, neighbor!

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Nice to meet you, too, Paige.

What a fantastic summit!

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Is this a contact list of attendees or presenters?

Mostly attendees. There’s a tab for presenters, and I don’t believe it’s been filled.

Cool, thanks. Okay to add mine?

If you attended the event and made friends you’d like to keep in touch with, absolutely!

Due to scheduling, I didn’t attend in real-time. But I’m going through the slew of presentations one by one and checking out the chats and such. I think it’d be cool to be able to get in touch with some of these people.

The consent for information sharing feels precious here. Here’s what I think, though others who’ve attended the summit and included their details on the sheet are welcome to weigh in:

You may add your information to the sheet (including notes with all the wonderful things about you, with whom you’d prefer to connect and why), but you may not make use of anyone else’s personal information.

Does that sound reasonable?

Absolutely. Personal info is sacrosanct. But always good to mention it.