Parentheses, Not Just for Smiley Faces Anymore

When it comes to proper punctuation I am less than formal. I am often down write incorrect, and I am not exactly sure why.

I am sure it doesn’t help that with the invention of internet messages and texting, punctuation has turned more into an art project than literary art form.

At The Write Life, CARSON KOHLER does his best to
reconnect us with the proper ways to use parentheses. Who knew they weren’t just for smiley faces any more?

Did you find anything you didn’t know before in this article?

Would you like to see more posts on the art of proper punctuation?

Did you know, fun fact, that Hemingway was horrendous at spelling and punctuation?
(Thank goodness for editors, he never let it stand in his way of literary success!)

Carson’s article is about where I am with parentheses now, barring some US-UK differences.

I used to scatter them everywhere in drafting anything from a letter to an email to a short story. It was part of my revision process to take them out as I clarified my text.

These days, ‘if in doubt, take em out.’

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Kindred spirits!

My storyline drafts are fraught with them, and arrows. Lots and lots of arrows, all shapes and sizes.

(Fortunately what we do in the privacy of our own drafts is our own business.)

One day I may find an article regarding arrows and punctuation, but for now they are safe with the abuse of parentheses, stored away in my notebook drafts.