Our own little Jolabokaflod

This Christmas season, I’m at home with a newborn baby, and so we’re keeping things simple.

Here is one of our family traditions I’ve been meaning to share with you: on December 24th, Christmas Eve, we celebrate our own version of Iceland’s Jolabokaflod. What does this involve? For us, all we do is buy each other a book for Christmas eve and a new set of pajamas. So everyone goes to bed on the 24th with fresh pjs and something new to read.

At first, I thought I could just invite you to buy a book and talk about it. But then I wondered – as we are writers – maybe you have already written a story that someone else on this mailing list would love to read.

Would you like to share a story – and read one of someone else’s?

Of course, my plan had been to invite you to share Jolabokaflod with me on the 24th. But newborn life made that original schedule a little challenging. There was a lot of baby holding and very little sleeping going on.

Today, however, I wanted to give you the invitation to try out Jolabokaflod with me and the other writers on this mailing list .

The idea is simple: I’ve created a very simple Google Doc. On that doc, you can…

1. Share a link to something you’ve written

2. Read something written by someone else

Does that make sense? If so – share one story or book here:


Problems? Questions? – describe them below and maybe someone will be able to help.


Congratulations Wallace Family!!!

What’s the sweet baby’s name?

What a fabulous tradition!

Which books did you all receive?


Hi @DeAnna

I got my wife The Silence of the Girls by Pat Barker, for instance. She had requested it a while before.

The baby boy’s name is Boden.


Congratulations, family Wallace. Hope 2022 brings much health and happiness… and more sleep😵‍💫


What you want is a classic: A Child’s Christmas in Wales, by Dylan Thomas and illustrations by Edward Ardizzone. I read it to my five-year-old grandson this year for his first time and my – well, never mind how many hundredth time.

And congratulations on your new family member. So exciting, lack of sleep notwithstanding. They’re young for such a short time.


I think this is a brilliant idea. We should make it an annual part of the community list. It encourages us to both read each other’s work and to share our own.


How sweet! Congratulations!

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Congratulations!! I’m in and out of here because of way too many commitments last year - but I’m so happy for your family and your sweet baby boy. Also, I love your tradition! As well as how it can be worked in here.

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Beautiful baby! Congratulations to you and your family. No better gift!

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Beautiful baby! Congratulations!!

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Whew! Crazy two weeks. Just getting a chance to sit back down and get back to writing/writing-related things. I wanted to add something to the Doc ages ago, but I just threw a fanfic short story that I personally love on the list.

Congrats on baby Boden! :cherry_blossom:

Now off to see whose work I can read and maybe leave some nice comments.


Hi, everyone, thank you for letting me join! I just wanted to introduce myself first. My name is Roxie and I’m working on my first novel. My friend Ellen linked me to your group and I am excited to participate!


Welcome to the group! We are so happy to have you here.