Non JK Wizard books + self promo

A bookshop-owner in New Orleans just shared this list for wizard books that are not Harry Potter.

I thought you might find something interesting on the list:

(If you don’t “hate” JK Rowling — please just take the list as a reading recommendation. Several books I want to try here.)

Self-promo thread:

What is going well for you this week?


I really appreciate this thread. Mind if I add The Summoner series by Taran Matharu to the list?


I haven’t looked at the list. Is Harry Dresden on it? It’s not a Wizard list without Harry Dresden. :rabbit2: (Denied! Why is there no wizard emoji?!)


This is a great list, even for non-HP fans – it includes lots of different kinds of books, from mythological tales to more creepy reads. I was surprised how many I’ve read; I must like magical stories about kids! And I’m adding Legendborn to my TBR list now…


I’ve just started reading the books of T. Kingfisher (aka Ursula Vernon)

I just finished A WIZARD’S GUIDE TO DEFENSIVE BAKING and I’m hooked.

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