Nominees for Following Requests!

This morning I saw on Twitter, by his request, this aspiring author is looking to expand his writing community.

He is offering follows, shares, reading one another s work, and the like for anyone interested in the same.

His tweet handle and about information and WordPress are as follows:

J D Parker

Aspiring author, creator of A Guardians Tale book series.

Why am I sharing this?

He asked the world nicely, and has a following to share with, work of his own to display.

Most importantly, I know it’s community that gets our work out there in the world.

Please feel free to share the same kinds of links and references for yourself (and any fellow writers you wish to) here in our group.

That we may all support one another in our writing endeavors.

Do you have someone you would like to share?

Please don’t be shy, or modest, we WANT to grow our writer’s world by supporting you and yours!

(This kind of word if mouth is ideal for our non social media introverts, myself included.)

You just never know which share will be the one where lightening strikes.

I am rooting for each and every one of you a life time of success!


Thanks. I checked JD out on twitter and followed him.


Thank you so much for sharing in the mutual support of aspiring authors. You’re the bomb! (That’s a good thing)


Checked out J D’s Twitter and followed him.

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does he have facebook or instagram? I don’t use twitter much!