No Shortage of Words

Sometimes we find it hard to write when we just don’t feel like there is much to say, but one subject never seems to be at a loss for words.

What pisses you off?
Gets under your skin?
Irks you?
Your pet peeve?
What do you love to hate?

Like that annoying postal worker that thinks she needs an entire airline’s worth of a runway to pull up to your mailbox and deliver without having to lean too far out of her vehicle to drop off your mail.

She leaves little hate notes with drawings of her flight plan in your mailbox to demand compliance or else, (or else even though she has to dismount for the packages and walk them to your porch anyway) she will not deliver letters if she must lean to the side to do so.

What? Since when was there a non-leaning policy put into effect?

You find her grievances to be a joke because she often doesn’t deliver your mail in the first place, lean or no lean.

You notice each time when you go to fetch your missing mail from the post office, (wondering if you should have prepared for a hostage negotiation or will they in fact lean across the counter to hand it to you) that she scribbled large in black marker “BOX UNREACHABLE” across your mail like a gang member tagging their turf.

Adding insult to injury you see her all over town getting off her broom to cheerfully hand-deliver mail to the various neighbors and shop owners that have perfectly placed stretch-free boxes at the roadside getting first-class treatment, sans the scowl you thought was just an unfortunate countenance… in that moment you really understand where the term going postal stems from, but I digress…

Look inside yourself, it shouldn’t take but a second to pin down that one subject that can get your words rolling. Handle the subject any way you like, but explore through a short burst of writing about that one thing that you can’t stand.

If you feel generous please share some of your writing here so we may commiserate with you.

Should this subject not appeal to you, try one of these other topics by Ryan Robinson at Creative Live.


Thanks for prompting a great belly laugh. I’m definitely glad that I don’t have the US Postal delivery service dilemma – it sounds horrendous.

However, the attitude described might explain why the US postal service just announced a few days ago (just two and a half months before Christmas) that they will no longer post to New Zealand (not even a letter), along with 21 other temporarily boycotted countries. What did we ever do to them … perhaps we bought too many things from US stores in the past? I wonder whether the US traders will be too happy with this postal boycott. Certainly it will mean that we’ll do our online shopping anywhere but from the USA. Seems counterproductive to me from an economic point of view.

Ah well, that’s my latest, but not nearly as entertaining as yours. Perhaps I’ll have to look through the other 42 ways listed in the article to really get me going. :wink:

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Oh my goodness! That is horrible news, how very un-American of us to do such a thing. I can hardly wrap my mind around what gives the U.S. Postal service the right to hinder mail delivery to anywhere in the world?

I can only imagine it is part of a switch over to private industry becoming the NEW means of all postal delivery. “cough, BEZZOS, cough, cough” is Amazon destine to be all that we can rely on for shipping and receiving? I am not sure I am comfortable with that.

I recall, recently reading an article about zero cargo leaving the U.S. right now. Ships all the way down to south america are just docked with no plans for departure. I did not research the validity of the article but I think it is time that I do.

On behalf of the shop owners and trades people of America, THANK YOU for your patronage, I hope we can somehow make up for this bluder in the future, because the average American appreciates all their clientele. Relying on foreign commerce to help support our industries in reciprocity.

I can only hope it is somehow for a greater good where the ends can excusably justify the means.

Whatever you choose to write about, I am sure you will knock it out of the park.

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Thanks DeAnna. I’m not too worried about the post decision for now. I believe it’s only through to next year (i.e. post-Christmas/New Year rush), so “normal services” can pick up again then. No, I just thought to join in the little rant about things that have wound you up. It does feel good to sometimes relieve oneself via a mini-rant. Providing it’s not directed at any specific person. :slight_smile:

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After 2020 lockdown, every thing seems very suspishhh to me, hahaha. “Trust no one.” -Fox Mulder the X-files hahaha!

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First of all, good gracious, that sounds like an awful postal worker. I’ve never had the misfortune of meeting one like that. All of ours have been great–or at least passably polite.

This was an interesting list. I particularly liked 11, 14, and 38, mainly because I actually exercise all of them frequently in my fanfic work, and I’ve adjusted 11 a bit and used it in my current WIP (almost done, yay!). And 3 gives me an idea for something I’ve been considering for a while but never had time to pursue.

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Hello @dtill359 awesome to see you here!

Ahhhh yes, <~~sagely nodding along in affirmation) I too have never met anyone quite like this in the postal profession either.

(I’m secretly thinking :thinking: an undiagnosed syndrome of some kind that I am sure is hard to pronounce but I bet they have a pill for it? That, or I have somehow unbeknownst to me offended said postal person and it is now personal for her…?)

Hmmm, I have a nemesis!!!

Ohhhh,YES!!! The writing prompt opportunities are flowing in at an exponential rate yes my own Moriarty!!!

<~~diabolical laughter ensues)

Enough about me, I am intrigued by your post and what is behind door #3?

Please do share!

Would you be ok with dishing a bit? Sharing any little crumb of what you’ve written? A single golden line. Random mind explosion of details?

Anything truly, could not even have to do with 3, you mentioned some other numbers and tweaking 11. This is great, would love to hear your thoughts?

I am delighted with glee that you found some good stuff to inspire!

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@DeAnna, so this is something that actually happened? :dizzy_face:

Well, as for 3, after reading the example of Philip Sandifer and his essays on Dr. Who I remembered some ideas I’d had for a blog that explores things I’ve discovered/known/liked/etc. about the world of fanfiction.

I don’t blog currently, mostly because I actually find the word “blog” unpalatable. The actual word. The lack of syllabic appeal makes me cringe every time I read/hear it. If I were to start one, I would have to call it something else for my sanity’s sake. Maybe an archive, or ledger.

On 11, I actually started writing in the first place because of someone who changed my life. It’s quite the story and would take much too long to recount it here, but my life would be entirely different had I never met him. I likely wouldn’t be a writer. I’ve written about a million words on the subject so far (my fanfiction account), and I’m nowhere near done.

I’ve been exercising 14 since I was 12, and it’s become so much a part of what I do that I connect songs to my writing and weave things into my work without even realizing I’ve done it. I’ll be listening to something for the 400th time and realize that it fits perfectly with something I have written or intend to write–or it takes me in a direction I’d never considered before. I’ve even gone so far as to assign singers’ voices to characters and let the connections between the singers influence how the story works. It’s amazing how many times what happens in the WIP mirrors reality in ways I wasn’t even aware of until years later.

38 I used when I came up with the premise for an upcoming fanfic novel called Nachashim ha Rakiah about dragons living in space. There are hints of it sprinkled into Seeker’s Prayer, the work I linked to yesterday that you visited. The dragons live inside a hollow asteroid and are in charge of recording and preserving the history of the universe, past, present, and future. When the MCs find these dragons, they see things in the historical records they could never have imagined. They discover that a ship called Aquarius (disguised as a water planet) is coming to wipe out all life on Earth, and they have to find a way to stop it.

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OMGoodness! I commiserate with you regarding your delivery dilemmas. Your mail lady and mine must be broom buddies. She has STUFFED packages into our regulation-sized mailbox instead of leaving them at one of 3 doors just across the narrow country road. A few of those packages had explicit instructions about not bending, not placing inside a mailbox, not leaving in the sun, etc. I’ve had to deal with warped items, dead feeder worms (for my sugar gliders), and POUNDS of melted soy- & sugar-free chocolate. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Emotions are a big tool for my writing. It really draws me into the story and the prose itself.

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This morning’s editing session was de-railed by the sudden arrival of Book 5 in a series where Books 1-3 aren’t even finished yet.

1600-word outline later; headstrong teenage protagonist on a quest with 3 ‘guardians’ who can’t stand each other.

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This term shall live rent free in my head. I love the visual and accuracy.

My heart goes out to you, too.

There is little worse than a relationship you have zero choice in and little to no recourse to rectify it’s short comings.

I feel there should be postal worker and current resident couples counciling, because we are by far not isolated incidents.

I often wonder if I wronged her in someway in a past life, because I know it wasn’t this one, but still I’m paying the price for it.

Perhaps an exorcism is in order?


Oooohhhh! When it’s available, would love to read it. Please do post.

Yes, please!
I’m picturing Heath Ledger in a Knight’s Tale-ish vibe going on. (Quest+unwilling camaraderie+battles+tension+humor+coming of age)

The options of enjoyable entertainment are endless however you choose to expand on it.

I would definitely pick this story up!

More details, please?

‘Anjurra Knights’

The Emperor is dead. The New Republic teeters on the edge of ruin.

None of that matters to Yari Tamm, searching for her father, one of the Vanished from the days of the Empire.

Only a name on a manifest gives her hope; her father’s name on a list of the Vanished, shipped out to a mine beyond the border at Blackmoor Gate.

Yari sets out to find him, through the chaos of a land in turmoil. Her three protectors must get her there, if only they can work together.

Mikailut, the half-crippled fighter from the Emperor’s war seeking atonement.

Ledran, the simple soldier who lost his own father in the war, with unknown orders.

Risto Tallas, the last daughter of the Corsairs, her mother’s name on that same list.

Risking brigands, Imperial hold-outs and the tribes beyond the border, pursuit is close behind. The Brotherhood of the Book does not forgive, their first coup merely deferred by Yari’s courage, not defeated.


There’s an art to a good ‘blurb’

That isn’t it.


:slight_smile: It’ll be a few years yet, but I had opportunity to use the dragon in a recent fanfic contest piece: Under Windswept Stars (It’s a faitytale rewrite of East of the Sun, West of the Moon, and I loved how it turned out.)

Coming up with those key sentences can be the hardest part. I’ve written three book proposals over the past two years, and the section where I have to write a blurb is the hardest. Even two-three sentence summaries are easier than blurbs. :expressionless:

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Thanks for making me laugh. Not about your blurb, per se, rather your comment about the art of writing a good blurb!

But the book itself sounds very intriguing.


Talent is in the house!
Can’t wait to read more of both y’all’s stories. I love a good read to look forward to, a mini mind vacation of adventure on the horizon!!!

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When you’re 65% through editing a manuscript and you still can’t decide if it’s any good: that. Right there.

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