No Shortage of Words

Sometimes we find it hard to write when we just don’t feel like there is much to say, but one subject never seems to be at a loss for words.

What pisses you off?
Gets under your skin?
Irks you?
Your pet peeve?
What do you love to hate?

Like that annoying postal worker that thinks she needs an entire airline’s worth of a runway to pull up to your mailbox and deliver without having to lean too far out of her vehicle to drop off your mail.

She leaves little hate notes with drawings of her flight plan in your mailbox to demand compliance or else, (or else even though she has to dismount for the packages and walk them to your porch anyway) she will not deliver letters if she must lean to the side to do so.

What? Since when was there a non-leaning policy put into effect?

You find her grievances to be a joke because she often doesn’t deliver your mail in the first place, lean or no lean.

You notice each time when you go to fetch your missing mail from the post office, (wondering if you should have prepared for a hostage negotiation or will they in fact lean across the counter to hand it to you) that she scribbled large in black marker “BOX UNREACHABLE” across your mail like a gang member tagging their turf.

Adding insult to injury you see her all over town getting off her broom to cheerfully hand-deliver mail to the various neighbors and shop owners that have perfectly placed stretch-free boxes at the roadside getting first-class treatment, sans the scowl you thought was just an unfortunate countenance… in that moment you really understand where the term going postal stems from, but I digress…

Look inside yourself, it shouldn’t take but a second to pin down that one subject that can get your words rolling. Handle the subject any way you like, but explore through a short burst of writing about that one thing that you can’t stand.

If you feel generous please share some of your writing here so we may commiserate with you.

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Thanks for prompting a great belly laugh. I’m definitely glad that I don’t have the US Postal delivery service dilemma – it sounds horrendous.

However, the attitude described might explain why the US postal service just announced a few days ago (just two and a half months before Christmas) that they will no longer post to New Zealand (not even a letter), along with 21 other temporarily boycotted countries. What did we ever do to them … perhaps we bought too many things from US stores in the past? I wonder whether the US traders will be too happy with this postal boycott. Certainly it will mean that we’ll do our online shopping anywhere but from the USA. Seems counterproductive to me from an economic point of view.

Ah well, that’s my latest, but not nearly as entertaining as yours. Perhaps I’ll have to look through the other 42 ways listed in the article to really get me going. :wink:

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Oh my goodness! That is horrible news, how very un-American of us to do such a thing. I can hardly wrap my mind around what gives the U.S. Postal service the right to hinder mail delivery to anywhere in the world.

I can only imagine it is part of a switch over to private industry becoming the NEW means of all postal delivery. “cough, BEZZOS, cough, cough” is Amazon destine to be all that we can rely on for shipping and receiving? I am not sure I am comfortable with that.

I recall, recently reading an article about zero cargo leaving the U.S. right now. Ships all the way down to south america are just docked with no plans for departure. I did not research the validity of the article but I think it is time that I do.

On behave of the shop owners and trades people of America, THANK YOU for your patronage, I hope we can somehow make up for this bluder in the future, because the average American appreciates all their clientele. Relying on foreign commerce to help support our industries in reciprocity.

I can only hope it is somehow for a greater good where the ends can excusably justify the means.

Whatever you choose to write about, I am sure you will knock it out of the park.