Mystery Writer's of America Edgar Awards

By now, many have noticed and made note of the nominee’s for 2020 Edgar Award’s, the Mystery Writer’s of America’s “Oscars”, if you will. Though the latter I feel is so over-wrought. I try to browse in my genre often and with the critical eye, yes-no . . . Hastings? Whether a surprise or inevitable - mystery writers tend to see everything as either a red-herring or subtle clue - so it is with great caution we take heed, Watson. At once! That when I see the covers have returned to a state of elaboration not seen in a few years and stylistically, the writing harkens back to years past, I surely must welcome both. The drama of cover art and the nostalgia of comforting prose . . . even if it is with a candlestick in the parlor by a women(?) wearing mauve before the clock strikes three!