Mystery or Fantasy? YA Opinions welcomed

I am trying to decide if my story will be Fantasy or actual Mystery. I love writing short chidlren’s stories and would like to write YA . What is the opinion of this topic?
A 21 year old boy gets involved with a real mystery or a fantasy of something in the woods where he has just recently moved with his parents. He knows noone so this is a new adventre for him.


I sympathise with your dilemma, Linda.

While I’m redrafting, I’ve chosen to give my novel the placeholder genre: Mystery first (because a mystery -crime- pulls the protagonist into the story) and Fantasy second (because the protagonist/sleuth is a human who isn’t quite human).

Happy writing :blush:

I love YA Mystery, so I’d be tempted to make him younger, give him a goal outside the mystery/new home (maybe he really doesn’t want to be there, instead wants to work on his uncle’s “___”, and turn both his situation - unfamiliar surroundings/new friends into part of the complications/obstacles.