Michelle's missing handout from the summit

[I sent this out as an email, but in case you missed it…]

One of the most popular talks from the summit was Michelle Schusterman’s guide to mysteries.

People loved it.

But they had a question: where was the handout she mentioned?

It turned out that this was completely my error: in the race to get everything sorted out for the summit, I had gotten myself confused about her freebie offer and her handout for the talk itself (which she had already emailed over to me directly.)

Ugh. Not good, Daniel.

However, here’s what’s even worse: it’s a GREAT handout! It looks so cool and well-designed. I can’t wait to share it with you (see link below).

However, the handout and the talk are clearly meant to work together. The handout doesn’t make much sense without the video. And because the summit is over, her video is no longer available.

So I’m going to share both with you today.

You can watch the video as it was meant to be watched: with the handout.

Because I messed up, this is available to everyone for free. Just download the file and go watch the talk.

Sounds good?

Here they are, re-united: handout + presentation:


Thank you! I checked out her website and it has four more pdf freebies.


She’s excellent! I hadn’t heard her the first time - maybe distracted by the title that was something about Middle School - but it really is ‘beyond’ Middle School writing - relevant to us mystery writers, no matter the age of our readers!


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Wasn’t it really good? It definitely had great information about building mysteries or even just twists in your stories for any genre and, yes, regardless of target age. And she presents the information so well.