Manly Men and The Writing Prompt

Here are some amazing thoughts on manhood and 10 fabulous writing prompts that explore the many facets of what it is to be, and write like a man.


"Contrary to popular belief, not all men have a one track mind. Men can cry and love their male buds. There are all sorts of degrees of male sensitivity, and hopefully some of these free creative writing prompts can explore that to a certain extent. People often say “Be a man!” What does that really mean? Be yourself! And then write about it. Feel free to use the space below to wax on all things manly "

Did you find fresh inspiration in these prompts?

Are you new to writing from a male perspective, did this prompt help?

Would anyone be willing to share a bit of their writing inspired by one of the prompts or writing from a male perspective?

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Well, those ten writing prompts show me just how very far I am from a normal man, if those are normal episodes for a modern man.
My wife and I had people ask us “Are you two just married?”, especially in our later years. I don’t think I ever had anyone sit down and ask me what it was like being married, though. If I had, I’d just tell them it’s great, that communication and respect are key, and that marrying your best friend is a fantastic starting point.


I liked the last 3 and the bonus best.

I would love to see what real men like yourself, from our group would offer up as a writing prompt for practicing writing in male perspective.

Being from Venus, Mars looks like a very foreign country.

As a writer of thrillers I often deal with the mentally unhinged male character.

As a real life wife, sister and daughter I have known some of the most loving, ethical, irreplaceable men any woman could hope to know and call family, but trying to capture authentically in print can be difficult.

I had hope the prompts would inspire to blow any stereotypes out of the water with clever takes on the wording and unexpected twists in story telling.

I would be grateful if you could share any insight or prompts that would reflect a more balanced scope?
I enjoyed what you wrote

Definitely Nicholas Sparks worthy. I have often thought his romantic dramas were so spot on because of his unique perspective of romance from the masculine view point.


These were interesting prompts. My sense is that taken together, they would help someone deconstruct male stereotypes and tropes.

Writers often rely upon tropes to do a lot of heavy lifting in conveying certain parts of their writing with fewer words. Tropes and stereotypes can also make the writing job harder if they have to be overcome in some writing situations to steer the reader away from the usual assumptions.

I wonder what the female variation of this list would look like. As a woman who tends to ‘think more like a man’, I find the prompts in the article regarding men and many of the stereotypical activities and attitudes of my physical gender to be equally strange and just two sides of the same coin.

Mentally, I would be comfortable in either a male or female body but I would be the epitome of neither gender. Both are too far out on the spectrum from where I reside to fully grasp those typical standards of ‘maleness’ or ‘femaleness’ without adopting a studied perspective.


BRILLIANT!!! YES, write from there, that perspective. Amazing inspiration!