Learn how NOT to pitch - with Will Smith

This is funny:

Spence, Todd (@Todd_Spence) Tweeted:
Will Smith talking about how he passed on playing Neo in THE MATRIX because the Wachowski’s pitch was awful https://t.co/FxpeqKWPhS


So funny. The Wachowskis probably had to revise their pitch to get everyone else involved.


Oh my goodness, I think about this exact thing with myself all the time. I spend so much time alone in my own head that when I go to speak to people I’m like “yeah, um, ok , so you know the thing-deal, thingy I’m talking about right? Yeah so let’s make that happen if you have your thingies in line for us to move forward on this thing” :rofl::rofl::rofl: I wish I were making that up. It’s terrible. Just hope my ideas behind those words are as awesome as the Matrix! I definitely need to revise my pitch strategy.