I want to start a reading club

Hi writers,

I want to (re) start a reading club. I have a couple of ideas.

  • We all read one chapter a week of Gideon the Ninth, the bestselling YA sci fi novel (“lesbian necromancers in space”). Gideon is a great example of character-first plotting — maybe even too successful (at times it’s hard to figure out what is happening because Gideon is such a block-headed teenager). So I would be very curious to hear what you enjoy or don’t enjoy about it. One thing to note: because Gideon is a contemporary novel, you will need to buy / obtain a copy of the book to participate.
  • We read a few pages every week of Jane Eyre or Wuthering Heights. Both are free. JR is fascinating as a great example of character-first writing. WH is something quite different, and much more experimental.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Which interests you?


Love this. Jane Eyre or Wuthering Heights might be a good place to start because then we don’t have to wait for folks to get the novel. But I am happy to read anything.


I agree a reading club would be enjoyable and would like to participate. One of the two classic choices would be my preference. While being aware of both, I haven’t read either of them. I am not able to purchase a new book right now, especially w/o pre-budgeting for it. Also I generally don’t care for anything sci-fi (or YA); that may vary, but find it’s true most of the time for me.

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I will read whatever is being discussed. I will happily purchase book for reading and discussion. The sci fi has great reviews I am sure there is lots the love about it. And who could say “no” to any of the Bronte sisters? I’m game let do this :blush:

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Wuthering Heights is one of my favorite novels. I love the Brontës. However, sci-fi is my least favorite genre and the hardest for me to read.

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Okay! The feeling in the room seems to be pushing us more towards the Brontes… Any other voices?


Both Bronte book are ones I haven’t read, but absolutely intend to read. And what could be better than reading them with a club? That’s where I’m leaning in the discussion. :grinning:

I’d love to take part. Just need to know when.

I read Jane Eyre as a teenager and I think I was far too young to fully appreciate it. I tried to read Wuthering Heights around the same time and I don’t think I gave it a fair shake. And I’ve been very curious about Gideon the Ninth.

All right. I think, based on your comments, that we will start with Jane Eyre.

Details coming soon.


I got very curious about Gideon the Ninth, I love YA sci-fi LGBTQ-books, but I have Jane Eyre in my book shelf, and read it in my younger years, so it is a very easy place to start. But I would love to do the Gideon later. Wuthering Hights I have much more mixed feelings about, maybe its because its more experimental as you write Daniel.